2 Tested Solutions to Security Camera Picture Issues

CCTV camera picture problems are common. It’s never nice when you have to deal with them but we can promise you that there is always a solution. So much so that we’re going to enlist all in this post. You need not go crazy and research tricky fixes or five reasons for blurry cameras. We have all the solutions right here. 

12 Tested Solutions to Security Camera Picture Issues

Solution #1: For Blurry Security Camera Picture

Simply do the following:

  • Check for dust, dirt, or spiderwebs
  • If your camera is cloudy, use a sanitized and soft cloth to clean its lens
  • Don’t use aerosol cleaners or harsh chemicals in cleaning your lens
  • Check if your extension cable is within the proper range
  • Check if your camera is not too far from your router
  • If you have a varifocal security camera, do check its zoom and focus settings. Such settings need to be adjusted from time to time. 

Solution #2: For When Your Camera is Not Showing Images 

The following quick fixes will be of help if your camera is not showing images:

  • Check on your power supply. See if your camera is properly plugged in.
  • Check if your camera will work if placed on a different NVR/DVR port.
  • Try swapping the input cables.
  • Check if you have the proper settings for your chosen video format

Solution #3: CCTV Camera Picture is Too Bright

If your camera picture is too bright, you can do the following:

  • Place your camera in a different location
  • Remove any direct source of light or spotlight
  • Check its settings: duly adjust its contrast and brightness 
  • Adjust it sunshade setting to allow for active blocking of excess light

Solution #4: CCTV Camera Picture is Too Dark

You should do the following if your camera is showing images that are too dark:

  • Place the camera in a different location that has ample light
  • Adjust its brightness on its settings 
  • Adjust its contrast on its settings
  • Adjust its sunshade feature to allow for more light 

Solution #5: CCTV Camera Color Problems

Do the following if your camera is showing pink or green images:

  • Check on its IR lights. Turn it on and off a few times.
  • Place your camera in a different location.
  • Disconnect your camera from power. Allow it to power cycle by turning it off and on. 

Solution #6: PAL or NTSC

If problems still occur and you can’t quite figure out what to do, you should check if its encoding system is proper. There are mainly two different types of video encoding systems: PAL and NTSC. Every country in the world uses either of the two. If the camera that you’re using is not compatible with either, you’ll get a screen with shaking black lines. PRO TIP: Almost all security cameras are compatible with both formats. However, you should still duly check this feature.

Security Camera 2

Solution #7: Video Stream Resolution 

You should also check if your security camera has the right resolutions. Cameras with 720p or 960H resolution will not be able to capture crystal clear images. If your camera happens to be super HD, you need to ensure that its video stream is set to at least 1920×1080. You should also check your monitor. Your monitor should duly be compatible with your camera.

Solution #8: Night Vision

You should ensure that your camera has an IR cut filter. Not having one will cause issues if your camera has a night vision feature. Without an IR cut filter, it will be impossible for your camera to see clearly at night. You should also be familiar with indoor environments and ambient lighting that can cause issues with your camera’s night vision feature.

Solution #9: Firmware Update

Your camera may be malfunctioning because it has yet to update its firmware. Manufacturers always update firmware for easy troubleshooting and fixing of bugs. If you don’t regularly keep your firmware updated, you won’t get to enjoy such benefits. To see if your firmware is updated, check on your manufacturer’s website. PRO TIP: Carefully check your camera’s model. Ensure that your downloaded firmware is compatible with it. 

Solution #10: Restart

In truth, most security camera picture issues can be fixed by a mere restart. A restart will allow your security system to refresh and start with no error. This is the first quick fix that you should always deploy. A restart would work if your camera merely shows green or black. 

Solution #11: Power Supply

You probably have power supply issues if you see rolling lines or horizontal lines on your screen. Such lines usually move from bottom to top. Power supply issues can also manifest if you see vertical lines that move from one side of the screen to the other side. This is your system’s way of sending a message that there is a ground loop problem in the power supply. This can also mean that your power supply is faulty. 

Solution #12: Customer Support 

You should know that most security camera companies provide free customer support. If you don’t feel like going out of your way to troubleshoot, you could simply talk to experts by calling your manufacturer’s customer support hotline. If you have time to spare and your concern is not that urgent, you could simply choose to email. For easy troubleshooting with tech support, ensure that you explain your image quality problem in the clearest way possible.

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