What are the Different Types of Toilets?

Toilets are of many types when it comes to your requirements and needs. You can choose your desired toilet design if you know what you need and what is available for you. If you are confused and looking for the desired toilet out of the available ones, then this is the right place for you.

In this article, I am going to specify and explain the most common types of toilets. By going through these toilet ideas, you will find one for yourself that would be well-suited. So, let’s get started!


There are loads of toilet ideas but let me explain the easily available ones that you can find almost everywhere. So have a look!

One-piece toilet

No doubt, the most commonly used toilets are one-piece where the tank and bowl are mounted together naturally. The good thing about these is they are easy to install. Ideal for small washrooms as they can get easily installed there. 

Talking about the price factor and water usage, that is also not quite big. Thus, reasonably, you can have them in your routine.

Two-piece toilet

Slightly different from one-piece toilets, they have separate tanks and bowls connected. These are used where the seat height is desired to be greater. Thus, if you have a good-sized toilet, you can get these installed.

But beware of the fact that they are not easy to install, unlike one-piece toilets. The connection system demands skills, time, and money as well. But the water usage is normal like others but can depend on your tank size as well.

different types of toilets2

Upflush toilet

Suppose you need a toilet where there is no drain system, or it is impossible for you to have a drain system there. Then, upflush toilets are lifesavers in those situations. They have the whole combined system all in one. 

They can be a bit expensive than the normal routine toilets due to extensive features, but they make life easier in no-drain areas.

Wall-mounted toilet

Technology has greatly improvised everyday life. The normal toilets are replaced by wall-mounted toilets where you do not have to worry about the tank problems. There is a bowl hanging like a cantilever with the wall, and a tank is usually inside the wall.

This seems quite cool, but the installation process can be hectic. It can be more expensive and require more skills to install.

Tankless toilet

Doesn’t it make sense? No, wait! These toilets have a direct connection with the pipeline of water. But how do we get the real pressure? The answer is simple; with the help of a pump installed within it to provide greater pressure. 

These are smaller in size, great in design, and aesthetically good. But they can be more expensive to have. Thus, you should know the requirements before longing for them. 

Dual flush

Based on the flushing system, there are also toilets available in the market. This type offers you a half flush and full flush system. You can thus use water according to the need. This also helps in saving water. 

Thus, in my view, it is a must-have in current circumstances where we are heading towards water saving.

different types of toilets1

Automatic toilet

The most luxurious and convenient toilets are automatic ones. They are electrically powered, smart, and come in a convenient size. They offer seat warming, motion sensing light, and a hand-free flushing system. What else can you get!

There is a lot more to hear about these. You can have desired water usage using their dual flushing system; no worries about cleaning as they have a self-cleaning system and deodorizing seats. If you are opulent, you should definitely go for these.

Popular one

Let’s talk in general now. The most popular toilets used world-wide are one-piece toilets. They are easy to install, cover less space, and are very convenient. Moreover, the price is reasonable in their case.

The toilets that I would prefer should at least have a dual-flush system. This is due to water-saving concerns. The smart toilets are also preferred, but they cost a lot. They take your experience to another level, by the way.


Toilets are of many more types as well. But the discussed ones are those you should know about. I hope after having a piece of this information, your concepts are demystified about the different types of toilets. Make sure to come up with the best choice. After all, your toilet should feel like home!

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