3 Fun Holiday Craft Ideas

The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, and that’s especially true this holiday season. With all that’s going on in the world, it may be a bit more difficult to get excited to muster up some holiday cheer, and that’s totally understandable. A good way to get in the spirit could be something that you can really throw yourself into; something that serves as a creative outlet and a decoration.

Having a finished product that you can be proud of is sure to boost your mood while engaging you in something to take your mind off of the stresses that this time of year can bring. Here are three fun crafts that you can do with family, friends, a romantic partner or even all by yourself. They are all incredibly easy and can be done using just a few products from your local craft store, or even supplies delivered right to your home.

1. A fun and easy paint by numbers kit

paint by numbers kit

If you’ve ever done a paint by number, you know how simple and user-friendly they can be. With a customized, personalized kit created from a picture you already have and delivered right to your front door, it can be all the more simple. You can use a photo of your favorite holiday party or one of those family photos you take for holiday cards (because let’s face it, those take a whole lot of time and effort) and immortalize it, creating a fun piece of art to hang on your wall for any visitors to your home to see. Plus, the kits come with all of the supplies necessary to achieve a fantastic work of art that is sure to impress house guests. With no natural artistic talent and just a bit of free time to create, a paint by numbers kit can bring holiday cheer into your home in a safe and easy way.

2. DIY front yard decorations

No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, you can spice up your front yard (or balcony of your apartment) with some decorations. Make a character out of cut cardboard or foam core, then paint it using outdoor paints for a more durable decoration. If you’re well-acquainted with (and own) a saw, you could make one out of wood, too, though it’s not entirely necessary. Just be sure to glue or staple your cardboard figure to a stake so that you can stick it firmly in your front yard.

Alternatively, you can hot glue some strong ribbon or twine to your decorations and tie them to the posts of your fenced-in apartment balcony. Classic paper snowflakes are a classic craft, though you will want to hang them somewhere they can be protected and safe from the elements, like from the underside of your balcony roof, or even on your front door. 

3. A unique wreath

unique wreath

Ah, the classic wreath. A staple of holiday decoration. Many of us hang wreaths of all shapes, sizes, and materials to celebrate the season. A lot of wreaths are made of fresh foliage, which can unfortunately eventually die. But why not switch out a “normal” green wreath with an alternative take on this traditional adornment? Roll up your sleeves, grab a foam wreath form from your local craft store, and get creative.

You can experiment with different materials and even make multiple wreaths. Some fun ideas for this project include using coffee filters, feather boas, and festive ribbon, just to name a few. Try out a few different ideas and materials to see which one you like best, or switch out your wreath a few times throughout the season.

Just have fun

Whichever craft you decide to try out, make sure that you’re enjoying yourself first and foremost. Making your own holiday crafts should be a relaxing, inexpensive experience for all involved.

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