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Vintage Bathroom Ideas Decor

Transforming your bathroom so that it has vintage styles will take some time and effort, but if you research which elements are great and which you can use with to combine with your overall design, it will be a cinch. Though, make sure that you do not overdo it, as it could end up looking bad and forced.

Mirror On The Wall

One way to make some room in your bathroom, and to add some charm to it is to install a few vintage mirrors. Though, you should be careful as some can be bulky and oversized, so be sure that you have enough room in your bathroom, and of course that it does not overtake every element. However, combining a few smaller ones will give you the illusion that your bathroom will seem bigger and more spacious.

Mirror On The Wall in Vintage BathroomImage Credit By Godrich Interiors

Choose Your Entrance

You should not forget to decorate your bathroom entrance door either, as it will be a good way to really add some style. Choosing from doorknobs to install should not be rushed, as you should look into which ones can be fitted with your existing door, and whether or not it will take a lot of effort. On the other hand, this will be a great chance to even replace your door, and to make it more in-style with your vintage style bathroom design.

vintage bathroom doorImage Credit By Embrace My Space

Use Old Suitcases For Decor

Vintage can be understood with many forms, and you should not be aiming for the Victorian style only. If you have some old suitcases lying around your home, turn them into small accessory holders, or even an addition to your overall decor. Guests will love it just as much as you are going to, and you will be able to save some space in your bathroom as well. Though, make sure that you do not use too old ones, as the material could fall apart easily.

Image Source By Kohler

Have You Ever Used a Chair In Your Bathroom?

Adding a chair or two to your bathroom, if it is big enough, can really add to the atmosphere, and you can use it for multiple purposes. Though, the chairs should be taken care of well and maintained regularly, or the wet atmosphere of the bathroom might ruin it. Keep an eye out for its coating and how it is handling a damp environment.

vintage chair in bathroomImage Credit By JH Interior Design

A Nice Bubbly Bath

There is nothing better than to install a claw foot tub in your bathroom, not only will it feel like you are taking a bath in heaven, but it will look absolutely amazing. When choosing the right one though, you should look into how you can connect it with your existing pipes, and if you are going to rework your bathroom a lot. Keep in mind that most come in various materials, and that you should choose one which best fits your bathroom’s design and feel.

Smooth Streamlined BathtubsImage Credit By Residence Style

Get Some Hardwood Floor

Noting will say vintage more than installing real hardwood flooring in your bathroom. But, beware the extra maintenance you will have to do in order to keep it nice and shiny, and that the damp environment does not ruin it over time. In the end though, if you take good care of it, the feeling under your feet will be amazing, and you will be wondering why you have not done this before. It will not only look great, but you will add a certain level of warmth and charm to your bathroom.

Hardwood Floor BathroomImage Credit By Spinndev

Change Your Pipes If Needed

Reworking your bathroom to be more vintage will sometimes require that your rework your pipes as well. In order to accommodate the new bathroom needs, you should look into hiring professionals to help you out with commercial plumbing. After all, you want a nice and enjoyable bathroom, and not a place where water runs freely and ruins everything. Be sure to check your plumbing regularly, before any accidents could occur.

Vintage Pipes in BathroomImage Credit By Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Install New Lighting To Get The Vintage Appeal

Do not forget to change your lighting and to replace them with individual and customized fixtures, as they will be needed to complete the vintage look. Boxy lanterns or even globe fixtures are a great choice in making sure that you get that stylistic appeal, and if you install dimmers, you will be able to enjoy nice long hot baths with a more romantic feeling. The only way to relax after a hard day of work.

When decorating your bathroom, make sure to pay attention to the little details as well. Besides installing the needed reworks to transform your bathroom, you should also get small vintage style towels, robes and even slippers. When you are happy with your overall look, the only thing left to do is to take a long bath and enjoy what you have created.

Splendid Rustic French Style Bathroom Interior with luxury chandelier rough walls and wooden floorsImage Credit By Residence Style

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