Easy & Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Security


Easy and Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home's Security by buyasafe.com.au

There’s no place like home and we say it for a reason.  It’s supposed to stand for an abode where we feel entirely tucked in, secure and sheltered.  Thieves and burglars have always posed as a trait to the security of our possessions, but they are not the only one we should fear of. The hazardous potential can also come from the inside. There are a number of safety protocols we fail to abide by even though we have the tools. Some other we miss noticing due to inexperience in this area. Sit tight as we guide you through an extensive know-how on home protection. How to improve your home security on a low budget.

Increasing your home security is a must especially if you have a family surrounding you. Fast Keys have a variety of different keys and locks for you to choose from.

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Practice what you preach

Let’s start with the non-invasive danger lurking in our home. The first shame on you goes to people who don’t perform regular maintenance of the purchased gadgets and safety systems. Mind you that appliances may malfunction due to electricity cuts or some other issues. Also, the battery can go dead and you won’t even know. If your alarm is broken and it gets set off frequently, neighbors will ignore it and treat it like the boy who cried wolf too many times.


This is a mighty element and requires careful handling. Make sure your wires are not exposed and the sockets are installed by the book. Consider investing in ground fault circuit interrupter that will definitely put your mind at ease a bit when it comes to electricity.

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Don’t play with pipes if you are not absolutely sure what you’re doing. Leave this to the professionals, especially the large scale problems. Keep the power supply from the potential water leaks. Make your bathroom friendly for babies and older children, as well as for elderly members of the family.

Look around

Tour the house to identify possible risky spots, such as sharp angles, twisted carpet, loose staircase and so on. Kitchen plays a great villain in this story, so have your kids in mind primarily when you’re setting it up. Hot oven door, counters with knife holders and pointy furniture can jeopardize their visits to this room.

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Dangerous substances

They can be simple medicines for a headache or cough syrups, but when ingested in excess, they are nothing to sneeze at. The chemicals we use for the cleaning, either for bathroom or the kitchen should be stored far from youngsters’ reach.

Breaking and entering

Now we are in the zone of scarier and potentially more harmful cases of home safety invasion. Sadly, most of the times the burglars are people living nearby and teenagers, the study says. The lack of experience and meticulously planned attacks gives us a chance to thwart their attempts. Start with prompt checkup of front doors, windows, backyard and cellar doors, garage entrance or any other secondary passage. Stay in touch with the neighbors for consultation and detection of potential threats.

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Serious players

They demand you step up your game. For this purpose, try to tuck in all the wires connected to the alarm as they may cut it. If possible, obtain locks that would hinder loading practice. Put aside your valuables in heavy fireproof safes or in a bank storage. Ask family to house sit if you’re away for a longer period. A loud and attack-trained dog would be a great asset. Don’t let everyone in right away and tweak illumination sources. Consider installing some CCTV cameras in your home.

If you are unsure of what security measures are most suitable for your home, you may want to check out
a home security system guide online to help you get started. This way, you can maintain consistency in your actions for a healthy and protected family, and try to think ahead of the wrongdoers or domestic traps. Invest in security system and gadgets if the budget allows it, and snug in.

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