Redesigning The Bedroom With a Personal Theme


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Often times a person’s bedroom is the only private place he or she gets to have for him- or herself. That is why it should be designed as to achieve the best effect in terms of comfort and convenience, and even aesthetic feeling. The bedroom should be an extension of the self, in the best case scenario it should be like looking at what you imagine your inner self should be like. To help you, here are the general types of person you can model your bedroom after before you add that personal touch to make the bedroom yours.

Of course, before you begin there should be good deal of home cleaning done. Always get the house clean before starting any remodelling ideas or you will simply create a bigger mess. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, there are various cleaning agencies that will be glad to help you.

1. The Vibrant Person

This is the happy-go-lucky type, the energetic person everybody likes to be around, one who enjoys the bright days and lively nights. This is the person who will need vibrant colours in the bedroom, with bright red or blue or green sheets and translucent curtains that would immediately tell him or her what type of day he or she should get ready for once his or her eyes pop open at the morning, ready for activity.

The modern designs are perfect for this type of person, with the light colours and various shapes that invite an active time spent there. Lightwood end tables with a lava lamp and a whole wall section dedicated to a big TV should be more than enough to house such a person’s needs.

Vibrant bedroom designImage Credit By Urrutia Design

2. The Everyday Person

This person needs the very basic decorations, and looks for comfort above all. A bedroom should have a bed with a comfortable mattress, soft sheets, a table for your reading lamp and alarm clock, and, above all, give out a cosy atmosphere. There could be a dresser or a wardrobe around, a makeup cabinet, or a vanity table with a big enough mirror to help any lady get ready for the upcoming day.

This type of bedroom will not need eccentric designs and complicated patterns, only simple furniture that invites cosiness and a feeling of simplicity as the everyday person likes life to be. Plain colours like white, grey or beige should suffice for the walls or wallpapers, and darker-coloured furniture should be fine. A simple carpet that doesn’t require much carpet cleaning would also be an excellent choice.

Master BedroomImage Credit By Martha O’Hara Interiors

3. The Private Person

You know this type. The tall, dark, and broody person who has problems with communicating his or her feelings. The one that always looks melancholic and devoured by thought, but rarely willing to share it. This type of person is stereotypical for the darker shades of bedroom and designs that look like they have been invented by Victorian artists.

The mainstream view of such a person’s bedroom is something shiny, but dimly lit so that the shine never escapes the confines of the bedroom. Plain design is perfect, even the wall art doesn’t have to be complicated – even a pitch-black painting would be wonderful as it invites the imagination to fill the canvas with the onlooker’s thoughts.

Master Bedroom remodelImage Credit By Hyde Evans Design

You can play around with these three basic designs and make your own bedroom look as vibrant or as intimate as you wish. You can make it simple to save yourself more house cleaning or it can be a complicated design to make your imagination stir. But most of all, it should be comfortable and a mirror to the self.

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