5 Kitchen Trends You Should Know About

The kitchen is one of the most common candidates for a remodeling project – it can increase home value, improve functionality and boost style. Whether they have the budget yet or not, everyone dreams of updating their kitchen, getting lost in thoughts of what design decisions they’d make for their own kitchen makeover.

So what are the most common design choices being made in today’s kitchen remodeling projects? We did the research for you by examining results from the most recent National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) market research and Houzz kitchen trends survey of homeowners who have remodeled in the past year. The following are some of the biggest trends in kitchen remodeling.

White or Gray Cabinets

Natural wood is getting a makeover in today’s kitchens – a fresh coat of neutral paint, specifically white or gray for cabinets and overall color schemes. The NKBA research found that white is the most popular color scheme for a kitchen, followed by gray. The Houzz survey also found that nearly half (49 percent) of homeowners who have remodeled recently chose white cabinets.

modern kitchen in Edmonton with flat-panel cabinets, gray cabinets, gray backsplash and glass sheet backsplash.

Image Source By Third Stone

Granite & Quartz Countertops

While countertops were not mentioned in the NKBA release, there was a clear preference for rock countertops in the Houzz homeowners’ survey. Homeowners overwhelmingly chose granite or quartz as their countertop material, and the trend held up regardless of neighborhood – people in urban, suburban and rural locations all favored granite and quartz. Only small percentages of those surveyed chose butcher block, laminate, marble, solid surface or soapstone.

Inspiration for a traditional kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.Image Source By Sticks + Stones

Traditional kitchen in Charlotte with a farmhouse sinkImage Source By Artisan Custom Homes

Stainless Steel Appliances with a Focus on Quality and Quantity

In terms of appliances, today’s home remodelers are looking for quality and function. The Houzz survey found that appliance purchases were largely driven by quality (70 percent) with only 6 percent of appliance purchases driven by price. The survey also found an overwhelming preference for stainless steel – 83 percent of homeowners chose stainless steel as their appliance finish.

The NKBA research focused on the functionality of appliances, pointing out that many homeowners are now choosing extra appliances – for example, two dishwashers or an additional refrigerator/freezer – in order to get more storage and function.

Inspiration for a contemporary u-shaped kitchen in Boston with stainless steel appliancesImage Source By CJ Arch Photo

Technology Takeover

Technology is also moving into today’s kitchens, just like it is growing in nearly every other aspect of life. Both the NKBA market research and the Houzz survey showed the growth of televisions and docking stations in the kitchen. Several factors come together to drive this trend. The kitchen is once more the hub of the house, and homeowners are designing their kitchens with functionality in mind as well as factoring in the needs of all family members into the design.

Alpine Technology rustic kitchenImage Source By Inspired Dwellings

Contemporary Style with Focus on Entertaining

As for overall style, contemporary is a growing trend for kitchens, as noted in the NKBA research. The contemporary style is characterized by a clean, sleek look that provides functionality with a livable feel. Adding to the contemporary style, homeowners also want to make a space that is perfect for entertaining.

The Houzz survey found that 52 percent of recent remodelers are choosing an open concept kitchen that is open to other rooms of the house. Kitchen islands and bars with seating are also popular options for entertaining.

The wood slab kitchen bar counter acts as an artifact within this minimalistic kitchenImage Source By SF Arc

Today’s kitchen trends are combining functionality and beauty to create a perfect living space for family and guests. These design choices remind us that the kitchen is and always will be the heart of the home.

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