Understanding the Importance of Elevator Safety

Understanding the Importance of Elevator Safety

There is absolutely no doubt that regular maintenance, testing and monitoring of your building’s elevators can leave you with safe and happy tenants.

The truth is that if a building owner is not taking their elevator safety seriously, they are ignoring one of the most important parts of any building that has elevators. After all, it is calculated that over 90,000 elevators in the United States provide upwards of 18 billion trips per year.

While the number of injuries and deaths that take place in elevators during those trips is highly low, there is no doubt that the main reason why is because elevator safety is taken very seriously.

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There are many reasons why elevator safety is very important other than the obvious. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that if your building’s elevator is slow, broken-down or being poorly maintained, the people who are using it will absolutely notice. Even if they are using the elevator as it starts to run more slowly and jerking from floor to floor, they will start to wonder where their monthly rent money is going. They might even start taking the stairs for fear that they will end up getting stuck in a broken-down elevator.

This can definitely lead to unhappy tenants who will eventually feel the need to leave your building in order to move to a building that is more properly run.

The truth is that the very best way to avoid an elevator breaking down is to get regular maintenance checks. After all, well-maintained elevators are going to be more reliable, run faster from floor to floor, and provide a better overall experience for riders. This will lead to people having a more positive opinion of your building and your management company overall.

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One important thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are having your elevators checked, to have them checked by licensed maintenance people. It is also a good idea, even if you have just had your elevator maintenance, to ride the elevator several times – both up and down – to get a personal feel for how the elevator is running. If you notice anything that raises questions, it is never a bad idea to reach out to the company that did the maintenance check and ask them about what you have found.

Overall, when it comes to elevators, the name of the game is prevention. From a statistical standpoint, elevators are an incredibly safe way for people to move from one floor to another. They are actually statistically even safer than stairs! The main reason for that is because people who are responsible for elevators take that responsibility very seriously. You most definitely want to be a part of that group so that the people who depend on your elevators for transportation are not only riding in safety, but also comfort every single time they press a button and hop into your elevator.

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