Bi-folding Door Ideas for Your Home

Over time, the demand for bi-fold doors has grown significantly and for good reasons.

Unlike the traditional doors, bi-fold doors do not need a lot of space to open or close. Instead, they form part of your wall when closed and fold behind each other when they are open. These ensure maximum utilization of the space in your home.

Bi-fold doors also allow the natural light from the sun to enter your house and fill it life. The room becomes more comfortable allowing you to enjoy long hours of natural lighting and less consumption of energy. And that is not all. With bi-fold doors, you do not have to be outside to have an outdoor experience. By opening the door, you get to enjoy being outside inside your house.

Another reason to use bi-fold doors is their flexibility. Unlike the traditional doors that can only swing front or backward, bi-fold doors can open to the inside or outside your room, in any direction, right or left, and at any width you like. They are the most flexible doors available in the market.

When it comes to security, bi-fold doors are the safest to use in comparison to all the other types of doors. They come with very strong hinges and multi-point locking systems, which makes them the most difficult doors to break.

Maintaining bi-fold doors is very easy. All you need to do is keep them clean regularly, and for that, soap and water are the only things you need. Apart from that, bi-fold doors are aesthetically pleasing. They come in different styles and colors that you can choose from to give your home a luxurious touch.

Bi-folding Door1

These are some of the reasons why most people prefer bi-folds to other types of doors. Otherwise, the list is long.

Choosing the best bi-fold doors is not easy. You need folding doors Sydney to help you identify the option that best suits your needs. Below are some of the best ideas you can use to choose the perfect bi-fold doors for your home.

1. Pay Attention to the Quality of the Material

The quality of the material is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing bi-fold doors. It will help determine:

  • The Longevity of Your Bi-fold Door

Aluminum bi-folds are more durable than both timber and uPVC doors. They are resistant to water, extreme weather, and are hard to break.

Timber will rot when exposed to water. It is also susceptible to damage by termites and other wood pests.

uPVC gets weaker when exposed to direct sunlight and is also the easiest to break.

  • Maintenance Cost

Depending on the quality of the material, some bi-fold doors are expensive to maintain, while others require very little to no maintenance.

Aluminum bi-folds are the easiest and the cheapest to maintain, whereas timber is the most expensive.

2. Security

The main reason for installing a door is to keep your home secure. So, confirm that the bi-fold door is safe before investing your money. Ideally, your door should be strong, and its locking system should be reliable.

3. The Style

Bi-fold doors come in different colors and designs. You need to pick a door that matches the style of your home. Look at the inside and outside house appearance to come up with the perfect blend for your bi-fold door.

Bi-folding Door

4. The Purpose of the Bi-fold Doors

There are so many types of bi-fold doors, and they are all divided into two major categories:

External bi-folds are installed outside, and their main purpose is to keep your home secure and create access to your house.

Internal bi-folds are installed inside the house, and their main purpose is to create access from one room to another.

Understanding the purpose of your bi-fold door will determine the:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Color
  • Size etc. of the bi-fold door you choose

For instance, aluminum bi-folds are the most ideal choice for external doors since it is the strongest and the most secure material.

And although it’s the weakest, uPVC can be the ideal choice for internal bi-folds, since here it’s not exposed to direct sunlight.

5. The Warranty

It is not uncommon for bi-fold doors to develop production-related issues after being purchased. That’s why you need a warranty to ensure that your dealer bears the full cost of repair just in case. Without it, you will have to pay for the repairs, whether it’s your fault or not. So before buying a bi-fold door, make sure you read and understand the warranty agreement to confirm that it covers everything. A warranty is the best way to ensure that you get value for your money.


Compared to all the other types of doors, bi-fold doors are the most unlimited option available in the market. From the design, size, color, material, configuration, etc. there are so many ideas you can use to choose the perfect bi-fold doors for your home. The most important thing is to understand exactly what you are looking for before you start looking.

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