Types of Garage Doors – Know your Doors to Choose the Best

When choosing garage doors, you need to understand the different types, styles, and variations out there to make the best selection. You need to consider panels, kind of opening, and even the overall home aesthetics. All of the consideration amounts to a garage door that is both safe to use and perfectly operational. Yes, it is about convenience but also usability and safety. So, always remember, your garage door is more than just increasing the curb appeal. 

In the following section, we have gone over the various types of garage doors based on how they operate. Visit Lancaster garage doors for all your garage door solutions. 

The roll-up

The roll-up garage door is the most prevalent type of door there is in the market today. This variation has several slats attached with the help of hinges that allows the door to roll over on itself while you close it. The exact mechanism allows the door to come down and lock stiff when you pull it to close. The roll-up garage door is a staple for shops, industrial warehouses, storage facilities, even some households. 

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Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are standard in USA households. Here a bigger door panel comprising of individual sections is held together through hinges. The hinges allow the panel to fold and open. The characteristics of the door operations are dependent on the make and type of the hinges. The smaller panel remains fixed, whereas the large one can move along the vertical track right up to the top-housing in the ceiling. You can then move the sectional garage doors horizontally along the track and parallel to the roof for better operations. With sectional garage doors, it is vital to hire experts for repair and maintenance work. 

Slide doors

Slide doors can typically slide to the side or a corner and is the oldest type of mechanized door developed by human society. Instead of bending up like the shutters, slide doors slide sideways and can be folded parallel to the wall to increase the entrance. There aren’t many slide doors around these days, but this can be the better option if you are constricted for real estate space.  

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Tilt-up doors

Tilt-up doors are pretty similar to roll-up doors, but these do not have individual sections and hinges. Instead, the opening tilts up and moves inside the garage. Currently, there are two variations of tilt-up doors, viz. the retractable tilt-up and the canopy garage tilt-up variation. 

Side-hinged doors

The side-hinge or the swing garage door has hinges on the sides, which allows the door to swing open and close. You will have to decide on the opening, inside or outside, depending on the real estate available and the design of your garage.

Sectional garage doors are inexpensive and are prevalent in urban and suburban neighborhoods. Tilt-up doors are expensive but do offer a degree of better protection. Research the types, look at the designs, and make an informed decision.  

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