Benefits of Surround Sound and Pre-Wiring for Home Theater

There was a time when only theatres had surround sound systems. Theatres were the only option that would give a more realistic audio effect of the movie by using stereophony involving more number of speakers. But this is all about the past. Now anyone can have such a system installed at his/her own home. There are various types of systems showing 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 channels and Dolby Atmos.

Now if you consider 5.1 then this number gives you the configuration of the system. This numbers will indicate that you will have five satellite speakers and one subwoofer similarly 7:1 a system will have seven satellite speakers and one subwoofer. So the more number of satellite speakers, the more thrilling sound experience you can get.

Surround Sound

Subwoofers are for producing hundred percent of the bass and low frequency of movie Surround Sound. The satellite speakers are full range speakers that are placed all around the room so that the sound’s location is stimulated. Subwoofers not only handle low frequencies of satellite speakers but also play back special low frequency effects. They reproduce audio signals and give you a feel that the actions are carried on nearby you and place you sonically might in the middle of it.

With advancement in technology there is the addition of a third number, like you can get a 9.2.4 system. This number includes nine satellites, two subwoofers and four height speakers. Now these height speakers are for Dolby Atmos surround sound. You might have read or heard about Dolby Digital. This Dolby Engineering gives the feeling of surround sound coming from the ceiling. It employs object based audio processing. Your entertainment experience will be enhanced by greater sound clarity from the surround sound system. It provides richer tone and customised treble and bass settings and so the sound quality is heightened.

Dolby Atmos is the latest surround sound technology and it includes height speakers that usually are installed in the ceiling. Various brands in the market provide you a long way theatre experience at your home. Such systems make it convenient for you to watch movies of your choice, at your choice of time and even whatever number of times you want to. They can replicate the audio experiences at your home and according to your desires.

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Pre-Wiring for Home Theater

For installation of the system, pre-wiring is required and a room that is not pre-wired can be quite daunting for the homeowner. When determining which wire gauge to use, consider how far away the speakers are from your amplifier. A 16 gauge speaker wire is usually sufficient for small speaker wire runs. However, for longer speaker wire runs, a thicker, lower-gauge wire is preferable.

One can create the most enjoyable and immersive home entertainment experience possible by proper distancing speakers from TV and listeners too. By Pre-wiring for Home Theater, you will no longer be limited in terms of wall mounted speaker system, floor standing speaker placement locations for your television and ceiling. So you won’t have to compromise with your audio and video experience. Also it will be easier to artfully hide HDMI cables and other cards behind walls. This way the truly immersive and desired experience will be obtained.

Placement of the Speaker is also important to get best results. Generally the side speakers are placed to the left and right of your seating position and face directly towards you. Rear speakers are positioned behind you facing forward. Both pairs of speakers should be placed one to two feet above ear level for best performance. Placing a subwoofer near the wall reinforces bass. Corner placement delivery more low end punch.

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Projectors and Huge Screen Sizes

If you want a total theatre experience at home then you must have huge screen sizes or projectors. Many large screen televisions are available with different display types like LED, OLED, LCD and Plasma. A projection Television uses a projector to create a small image from a video signal and magnify this image onto a screen. In theatres projectors are used to show movies and now you can use such at your home.

Even with projectors a large variety is available like CRT rear projection, LCD rear projection, DLP rear projection and Laser Phosphor Display. Nowadays the wall MICROLED TV with biggest screen are available giving best picture quality

To create a home theatre you need a good television set or projector and DTS or Dolby Digital sound system. You can connect your TV to sound system by:

Option 1: HDMI connection using the audio return channel feature.

Option 2: Connection using Optical Digital Cable

Option 3: Connection using audio cable

Nowadays Android TV on Google TV models can be connected with Speakers via Bluetooth. So to get relaxed and get immersed in the depth of sound and get the theatre feel at home you can go for a good brand of sound system with some wiring adjustments done.

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