Garage Doors in Tempe: What’s Trending?

Tempe is one of the most popular cities that makes up the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. While it’s primarily known for its entertainment district and stadiums, the city plays home to over 150,000 full-time residents.

If you’re a homeowner in Tempe, you probably put great consideration into the exterior design of your house. Garage doors play a huge role in the curb appeal of your home—they make up a significant portion of the front exterior. Tempe garage doors come in a variety of designs but residents typically pick from a few different core choices.

So, which garage doors are trending right now? Let’s find out.

Tempe Style is Mostly Spanish Design
Garage Doors Spanish Design

Tempe homes typically fit into the category of Southwest design, included in this category is Spanish architecture. Spanish style is a revival of previous colonial designs but with an added modern touch. These homes have smooth exterior walls and low ceilings and don’t extend beyond two-stories tall.

Garage doors for Spanish-inspired homes are usually steel. These doors do a great job in keeping the cool air inside the garage during summer, a much-needed feature in Arizona. Modern steel doors also require very few garage door repairs.

Pueblo Revival Architecture is Very Popular
Pueblo Revival Architecture Garage Doors
Pueblo revival architecture is another popular design preference in Tempe. This design borrows features from Native American home designs—rounded wall edges, flat roofs, Vegas timbers, and large windows.

Homeowners with pueblo revival homes often opt for steel or glass doors. Modern glass doors have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Ranch Homes Are Still Common
Ranch Homes Garage Doors
While Southwest designs have grown exceedingly popular with new builders in Arizona, ranch homes are still popular in many of Tempe’s older neighbourhoods. As these designs are more traditional, they typically employ wooden garage door designs. Some of these wood doors also incorporate glass windows across the top panel to add a modern twist.

Choose the Best Garage Door That’ll Boost Your Street View
Best Garage Doors
Tempe garage doors come in a variety of designs and customizations. As a resident of the area, you need to choose a garage door that complements your overall house design and neighbourhood’s residential style. Garage doors are often overlooked when individuals design their homes—this is a big mistake.

With many Tempe homes consisting of single-story designs, garage doors are often situated at the front of the home. Not choosing the right door can significantly affect your curb appeal.

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