Innerspring Mattress Vs Memory Foam – Which Is More Relaxing at Night

Did you know that it’s cheap to make an innerspring mattress? Some interesting reviews from that a majority of people prefer sleeping on memory foam mattresses. With such a spread of the memory foam craze, more people are abandoning their innerspring beds. However, I discovered that when comparing these two models, you should first focus on the one that fits right into your needs.

Memory foam models provide you with improved pressure relief and durability that’s not found in innerspring mattresses. Despite this, the spring models can still give you excellent comfort throughout the night. With that said, let’s look at what separates them and makes these two amazing products appear similar!

The Level of Comfort

When it comes to supporting, I prefer the contouring cosiness of memory foam. At times, I feel as if I’m melting in the mattress or just floating on top. It relaxes every corner of my body and puts me right to sleep!

The mattress is even more useful if you’re sleeping with your partner. This is through its motion separation and how it takes the shape of your body. Here, you feel less disturbance as your partner gets out of bed or makes simple movements.

Those who prefer innerspring feel that sleeping on a memory foam mattress is like resting on “quicksand.” They say that it’s difficult to move and also to get comfortable in bed. Others go on to add that innerspring mattresses provide better comfort by retaining less heat as compared to their memory foam counterparts. So, how can you differentiate between the two? Here, I advise all side sleepers to choose memory foam mattresses, and for stomach and back sleepers, an innerspring bed is the best.


Durability Mattresses

How long do you want your mattress to last? Interestingly, both the strengths of memory foam and innerspring mattresses vary. You’ll find that these two mattress brands are not created to last for many years. Sadly, it will come a time where they’ll become too soft and start to sag. In the end, they’ll stop giving you enough support and proper body alignment.

So, the best solution is to invest in a good mattress from the onset. Of course, such products are not cheap. Even so, the one you choose will go on to serve you until you draw your final breath.


There are loads of memory foam mattresses on the market today. Shockingly, the harmful health impacts associated with polyurethane and its additional chemicals are quite alarming. If you’re a health conscious person, I recommend avoiding such toxic substances. Instead, choose a natural innerspring mattress. However, there are also some ‘notorious’ innerspring mattresses – they come with additional materials that are potentially harmful to your health.


Another standard feature that you’ll find in both of these mattresses is their price behaviour. Innerspring and memory foam mattresses almost go at the same costs. Here, I would like to remind you that the lower the price of the mattress, the poorer the quality you’ll get. So, consider getting a higher priced model which is typically more durable, comfortable and potentially good for your health!

Although I prefer memory foam mattresses, I can’t overlook the importance of having an innerspring mattress. I love putting mine in my guest room because most of my friends prefer a firmer type of bed. In any case, you should take time in choosing between the two models. Remember that any terrible decision could leave you with a lousy mattress for the rest of your life!

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