Trending Cozy Rugs To Warm Up Your Interior Décor

Even if the weather outside looks dreadful, you can make your interior appear lovely. You can liven up those cold floorboards with a luxurious winter rug. The super-cozy rug not only feels great to your foot but also looks aesthetically appealing in your interior. When choosing a living room rug, you must consider the warmth factor for winters.

The dilemma here is – out of many rugs available on the market, which one you should pick. Additionally, which is the most popular one. After all, every homeowner wants to be on top of the latest trends.

So, here we’ve compiled a list of five trending cozy rugs to warm up your interior décor. Stay with us till the end, as we’ll provide you with six tips for deep cleaning your new rugs.

Five Rugs For Winters That Are Trending:

1. Shaggy Rugs

The shaggy rugs are gaining momentum because of their smooth fibres and elegant feel. Since their introduction in the 1970s, they have come a long way; today, you’ll find plenty of colours, styles, patterns and finishes alternatives on the market. As a result, you can immerse yourself in a world of comfort and versatility. Moreover, this piece offers flair and refinement, in addition to luxury, by being seductively plush. Their multi-colours, hairy texture, velvety appearance and classic motifs make them one-of-its-kind.

2. Woollen Rugs

Walking on the warm woollen rugs is pure luxury, especially when you step out of your bed in the morning. However, when purchasing rugs for your house, bear the colour palette and furniture in mind. Dark tones create a space of warmth, despite the fact they display dust and filth more quickly. Additionally, their beautiful designs draw the attention of people. You can place geometric patterns as they will lighten up your space, making you feel warm.

3. Machine Washable Rugs

A factor that deters many people from purchasing a great warm winter rug is difficulty in keeping it clean. On the other hand, homeowners have a chance to pick large machine washable rugs. On one side, they withstand high-foot traffic, and on the other side, they provide warmth. Furthermore, they’ll not shrink when you wash. And there’s a cherry on the cake – they come in various styles and colours to fit your décor.

4. Traditional Rug

Nothing can beat the sophistication of the traditional rug. And because of its ancient weaving style, it’s known as traditional rugs. That being said, not only are they available in a wide range of styles like Persian and Moroccan, but they are also a centrepiece of any room. Besides, these rugs contain complex features, traditional design patterns and rich colours. In any design, you’ll find them simple and undoubtedly, classic.

5. Animal Fur Rugs

Since decades, animal fur rugs have been used on floors. A long time ago, they were employed as floor coverings by Egyptians and Romans in order to keep their surfaces warm. At that time, homeowners were restricted to the sorts of skins accessible in their region. But the time has changed now! In today’s times, you may pick from a range of animal hides. They are comfortable on your feet, appear in a variety of forms and sizes and are environmentally friendly. Most importantly, they look great in a modern setting home and are a pet-friendly rug.

So, here was the complete guide to trending winter rugs. Finally, you must have selected any of them. Now, let’s learn how to take complete care of them.


Six Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Rugs:

  • Check Instructions: When you purchase a rug, read their specific instructions on care and placement. Several manufacturers highlight a particular fibre or style of rug, which helps you in the cleaning process.
  • Be Quick For Cleaning: Like other flooring products, spillage accidents are common on rugs. But a prompt action on it will assist you in removing stains and marks. So, treat them as sooner as possible.
  • General Upkeep: Dirt and grit are always carried by your shoes onto your rug. It further damages the fibre. Regardless of spills and stains, consistent upkeep will prolong your rugs’ life. It necessitates periodic cleaning and shaking of rugs, if feasible. That way, you can keep your rug out of danger.
  • Rotate The Rug: Like your car tyres, your rugs require timely rotation. As a result, you’ll prevent uneven wearing, which is easily visible if it’s placed in a high-traffic room.
  • Different treatments For Rugs: Every material is different. That means it needs different treatment. If you spill anything on a wool rug, simply wipe it up with paper towels before reaches deep in fibres. On the other hand, spills on a flat weave rug can be managed by a shampoo wash.
  • Call Professionals: There’s a reason professional rug cleaners exist. If you aren’t sure how to clean a rug or time is your constraint, hire a professional. Though expensive, they’re the safest option for rug maintenance. We would recommend getting your rug washed by a professional twice a year. It’s worth it to know your prized rug is in good care.

Finally, we’ve got you covered! The five trending winter rugs and six tips to look after it. Now, go and shop ahead and take care of your rug properly.

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