Do Air Purifiers Work for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has changed the world and the way we interact. Social distancing and the wear of nose masks are now part of everybody’s routine. Schools and offices have been reopened after months of lockdown. In corporate spaces, there’s a high level of compliance among staff. There’s a bigger concern in schools as parents or guardians and school systems are worried about COVID-19 and compliance with its preventive protocols. Schools have been trying to implement the guidelines and put some measures in place such as the provision of sanitisers, washbasins and installation of air purifiers in classrooms. The big question is; do air purifiers work for coronavirus?

A study has shown that air purifiers can protect you and your students from coronavirus when used properly. Air purifiers can reduce airborne particles and contaminants in a given space. In 2020, the World Health Organization declared that SARS-Cov-2 can be transmitted via aerosols and that’s why they recommend nose masks in public spaces. In schools, students are occupied for almost 8 hours and during this period, lots of interactions will happen between biotic and abiotic factors.

Some schools suffer from poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality is the cause of many symptoms seen in kids. It can lead to symptoms such as runny nose, common cough, sneezing, skin infections and respiratory problems. This isn’t only peculiar to classrooms. It can occur in any environment with bad air quality. The efficiency of anybody living in such a condition will be riddled with allergies and symptoms. All these can be prevented by installing air purifiers in homes, classrooms and offices.

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The importance of air purifiers for classrooms can’t be overemphasized as it is the best way to tackle poor air quality. When you install portable air purifiers in classrooms, these purifiers will help eliminate 100% of harmful particles such as irritants, pollutants and allergens that can cause discomfort in your students. These particles can make students sick and less motivated. These pollutants can get into the school via its surroundings or even through the students. Portable air purifiers contain high-tech filtration systems that remove these pollutants and irritants from the hair and release purified air back into classrooms.

There have been numerous reports that show that pollution reduces the performance of students. In 2015, a report stated that a school had a gas leak which led to the use of HEPA filters and air purifiers in every classroom. The students of the school performed brilliantly after the incident. This is not only feasible in schools, it applies to everything. Good air quality improves people’s focus, performance and stamina. The importance of air purifiers for classrooms are limitless.

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