Transform Your Outdoor Fitness Area with Incredible Real Fitness Equipment

What is Real Fitness?

How do you define real fitness? It is a piece of fitness equipment that may not look conventional. But, when used, has incredible physiological benefits.

When beginning to explore a lot of outdoor fitness gear, our team took a close look at Asia. Especially China, which has some of the most high-tec fitness equipment in the world. This is where a lot of other outdoor gym equipment takes design inspiration from. We found that while these designs may be effective they’re not built for outdoor exercise.

Unlike other suppliers, our equipment is not built to look the same as in an indoor gym. The reason our range is real fitness equipment is that it has the functionality not only the look. Don’t let traditional designs trick you. Outdoor fitness needs a bespoke approach. This is how we supply real fitness equipment.

Poor outdoor gyms will have different apparatus with less resistance and poor ergonomics. If it does not engage the user, the equipment will be demotivating and have negative effects. At KOMPAN, we only want our real fitness range to have a positive impact.

KOMPAN Real Fitness

KOMPAN Real Fitness

Outdoor gym equipment (also referred to as calisthenics equipment in some cases) has been around since ancient times. From ancient greek athletes to roman warriors, outdoor fitness has been an essential way to workout. These are the most well-known examples of real fitness equipment. But, our designers at KOMPAN have taken different inspiration for our real fitness equipment.

Our team has developed a scientific model to ensure you get the most out of your workout. We take pride in the testing process of our products. This is how we guarantee you will gain physiological benefits from your workout. An example of this is our brand-new City Bike. We put this piece of kit through a range of rigorous scientific tests.

This included heart rate and oxygen intake monitoring. We conducted these tests on participants performing at low intensity and maximum high intensity. Testing is how we ensure you have the very best physiological benefits from our outdoor gyms.

How do you know when cardio equipment is going to be effective?

Cardio is a crucial part of any exercise routine. To get benefits from your cardio workout you should be working at 60%-65% of your maximum heart rate. You can measure this without any high-tech equipment, it’s the intensity that disrupts your speech.

When is strength equipment effective?

When is strength equipment effective

Strength training is all about the level of resistance applied. If you are working against the resistance of at least 60% of the users’ strength. The rule of thumb for measuring this percentage is a weight that you cannot lift more than 15 times in a row.

KOMPAN’s Exclusive Fitness App

We have developed our Outdoor Fitness App to transform the way you can train and workout. Pair this app with incredible real fitness equipment to transform how you workout.

Find an incredible outdoor gym or outdoor fitness area. Learn how to use specific workout equipment and plan an exercise programme.

The KOMPAN App can help you with all these challenges. Get started on an exciting new workout plan and become your own personal trainer.

You don’t need to sign-up so you can get started right away. The App is quick and easy. With a simple interface and easy to navigate tools this App is for anyone. Find exercises, video demonstrations, as well as new workout goals.

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