Top tips: How to promote an interior design blog on YouTube

Interior design is an interesting hobby that also may become a career. And with the help of modern informational technologies, social media, in particular, even designers without a specific education can gain clients and reputation quickly. However, it is not too easy. You can buy 1000 YouTube subscribers, arrange other stats to meet the requirements for a successful blog – and get nothing. That’s because simply having big numbers displayed on your account isn’t enough. In this article are gathered the finest tips that will help you to promote your channel about interior design according to the latest trends and techniques. 

Get closer to Google

YouTube is now a part of Google corporation, so in terms of SEO, it gives you a nice opportunity for promotion. Using keywords that are most popular in Google search results can be a great tool for increasing your discoverability on the web in general. Google integrates videos from YouTube in the search results, so the point of making your SEO highly relevant for Google search is the key to gaining new clients or subscribers. 

You need to define keywords that have the best SERP and infuse them in the title, description, and thumbnail of your video. 

Create custom thumbnails 

This feature of YouTube promotion requires a more detailed view because it is extremely effective for your growth. Thumbnail is a tiny cover picture, an icon that is displayed in the general YouTube interface. Although it is very small, it plays a huge part in attracting users to your content, because it gives them a clue for what your video is about. That is a key to driving the attention of your target group and using the curiosity of random viewers. Here are some ground rules for making good thumbnails for YouTube:

    • Choose a neat color scheme and stick to it in all your videos. You can also categorize your content visually by using different background colors
    • Don’t overload your thumbnail with many details. Place the main accent that reflects your topic, and decorate it with some smaller details that can express the mood or specifics of your video.
    • Add at least one relevant keyword to your thumbnail. It will enhance your theme and make your video more noticeable. 

Choose a niche among niches

The competition on YouTube is tremendous, so you have to think twice about what you have to present to your audience. You must know that today, blogs with a narrow range of themes are more appreciated than general content. Interior design has many branches to follow and develop, and to gain a more loyal and productive audience it is better for you to concentrate on something specific, that you know best. Surely, as the popularity grows, you will have to expand the range of topics that you express. But that should happen gradually and according to the information about the preferences of the audience. That’s how you can increase the success of your blog organically and effectively – start from a smaller range, so you have space for growth. 

Seek inspiration on YouTube and other platforms

Don’t think of it as plagiarism. In the modern world, it is hard to come up with something completely new, but you can get some ideas to start with. Look through channels of top influencers in your niche and see how they work. Pay special attention to the communication, because having a thoughtful strategy for building relationships with your subscribers is a key to growth on YouTube. 

Watching other bloggers is a way of learning new things and finding something unique for your channel. And by looking over their channels, you can avoid rookie mistakes in the communication and organization of your channel. You can also find someone to collaborate with, exchanging the experience and cross-promoting your accounts.

Offer something really worthy

In times when the global web is overwhelmed with information, users seek something to stick to. The times of bloggers filming everything and nothing at the same time are now gone. Well, it will be more accurate to say that it has moved out of YouTube to Instagram and TikTok. So, people come to YT when they are searching for valuable information. The conclusion is obvious here: make your content useful and interesting to your audience. Your videos should support the services you provide offline. Today, YouTube can be used as an online portfolio too, so you must focus on introducing your real work in your channel content. This way you will keep your audience engaged and motivated to look after your updates. 

If you are eager to express your opinions, a good way to do that is to provide the latest news and trends of the industry along with your comments. So, your audience will receive something useful from you, and also have the food for discussion. 

Engage the audience 

Nowadays the engagement rate matters a lot – and that’s why you must work hard on maintaining it at a decent level all the time. Engagement rate can be regarded as a complex of all statistics that you can track. The goal is not just to get many likes, but to get a corresponding number of comments and shares as well. In terms of measuring engagement on YouTube, you also have to pay attention to the watch time. But, these are tech details. A significant factor that improves engagement in youtube is your ability to maintain a dialogue with the audience. They have to be satisfied with your content and have something to discuss. Your participation in the communication process is also highly appreciated. 

Luckily, YouTube offers a range of instruments to improve the connection with your viewers:

  • Pinned comment. By pinning, you fix the message at the top of the feed, thus all your viewers will see it. The popular strategy is to ask a relevant question in this comment.
  • Comment like. By placing a favor, you can show your affection for the most active users
  • Reply. The basic function of the YouTube comment section is to answer them. Engage in the talk wherever possible, to keep the activity level up. 


Promoting an interior design channel on YouTube is quite similar to any other industry. To achieve success on this platform, first of all, you have to develop thorough tactics, according to the goal you want to meet: get more customers, attract an audience and focus on becoming an influencer, or simply accomplish your website with engaging content. Depending on that goal, you should create useful and interesting videos that can expand your reach beyond your expectations.

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