10 Reasons Why You Should Build A Golf Simulator In Your Basement

If you have some unused space in your home basement and are thinking about what you can do with it, then it may be a good idea to devote the extra space to your home indoor golf simulator. This is an appealing idea, especially (but not limited) to golf enthusiasts. By doing so, you will benefit from home practice sessions in your own fun space.

In this article, we will explore ten reasons you might consider turning your basement into a golf simulation area where you can play alone or occasionally invite friends or family members to play together. 

The only major problem you may be facing will be space; in other words, will the available space be enough for a whole simulator setup? Will the basement be wide enough for centered shots? And will the ceiling be high enough for a full swing with a driver? 

These are all important things to consider before you start planning and working on your ambitious project. However, if the available space is great for your favorite simulator, then we encourage you to proceed and execute your plan. You will not regret it for many reasons, some of which we will be discussing in this same article.

1- Making great use of the extra space in your home

Using your basement to build a golf simulator would mean turning a part of your house that is usually neglected and full of abandoned things and sometimes invaded by rodents, insects or any other banes into an area where you can spend some quality time and have great fun. 

So, if you decide to have a golf simulator in your basement, you will be turning your house’s (probably) creepiest area into a fun and lively escape place. 

2- No more worries about collateral damage!

Let’s be honest, if you decide to install the simulator in a different room, let’s say the living room, then any bad shots will result in rogue golf balls causing some severe damage and dimples on your walls or furniture. This would be a disaster because the damage will be noticeable in a space where you usually invite guests and friends.

However, this won’t be that big of a deal in the basement. A little damage to the walls won’t be the end of the world! In the end, you will be more relaxed while playing without worrying about hitting the walls; you will be focused more on your game!


3- You will be isolated from the rest of the world!

Don’t worry, we are just exaggerating a little here. A basement golf simulator will be isolated from the other parts of the house and any disturbance or movement that could be related to them.

If you play in the basement, you will not be interrupted by anyone moving around the house, like your kids or other family members. Less disturbance and interruptions mean more focus on the game and better practice sessions and results. 

4- The sound of your clubs hitting the ball will no longer be an issue!

Playing your favorite game in the basement will be a great way of saving money on noise-canceling and sound-proofing equipment. 

Basements are usually so isolated that they are the best sound-proof areas in the house. You won’t need to worry too much about your shots making a lot of noise because the ceiling of the basement is usually made from concrete, a very good sound-proofing material. 

Normally, you won’t have to invest anything to sound-proof your basement; but if you do, you will undoubtedly spend much less money than you would need in any other part of the house.

5- Excellent lighting conditions for a golf simulator projector.

Basements are usually (if not always) low-light areas; they are poorly lighted with any kind of natural light source. In any other situation, this argument will certainly be a huge disadvantage, but in the case of golf simulation in the basement, that is actually the perfect scenario.

Your basement low-light conditions are, in fact, ideal for playing golf on a simulator. You need just enough natural light to be able to see around (your equipment, for example), but not too much to the point of affecting the quality of your projected golf simulation software images.

6- The basement elements can help you with the simulator setup!

The basement contains pillars that are essential to the structure of the house. You don’t want to mess with those if you don’t want to see your home crumble down.

Instead, you can use the elements of the basement to set up the simulator package. For instance, you can use the pillars to hang the nettings and hitting screen of your simulator and save money on things like the screen enclosure. 


7- The basement may become the best spot to spend quality time with your family

If you have enough space, you can turn the basement into an enjoyable entertainment area. Besides installing the golf simulator, you can install anything else that you may be interested in. For instance, you can have a gaming area, a music area, a chilling and relaxing space, or even install a big screen TV and enjoy watching your favorite games. You can even use the whole setup as a home cinema and enjoy watching your favorite movies.

The possibilities are simply unlimited!

8- Your house will be worth more with a basement golf simulator!

If you ever decide, for whatever reason, to sell your house (maybe to move to a bigger one), then the presence of a golf simulator or even an entertainment area will certainly increase the resale value of the house!

Moreover, a golf simulator in the basement will surely impress potential buyers of the house, even if they are not golfers themselves. So it’s a win-win situation; you benefit greatly from the golf simulator in your basement, and if you decide to sell the house, you can get more money just because of that single feature room!

9- A tidier house is a more comfortable house

Moving all your entertainment activities, including your golf simulator, downstairs to your basement will ensure the rest of the house doesn’t get as messy as it used to do.

As a result, your whole house will be tidier and more organized. The rest of the house will also require fewer cleaning sessions, saving you a lot of time and energy.

10- Practice your swing and improve your game

You will be able to play and practice golf all year long. There is no need to skip or cancel practice sessions or golf rounds when the weather is terrible. You have everything indoors.

One of the biggest problems golfers have is the obligation to interrupt their practice routines once the weather becomes too bad to hit the golf course, especially during the cold days of winter. That means less practice, which could eventually affect performance. 

Having a golf simulator in your basement means uninterrupted practice sessions whenever you feel like it. You can enjoy your favorite sport regardless of weather conditions.


Having a golf simulator in your basement will definitely be a great addition to your house. We have covered some of its benefits. All in all, it will be a good thing to do in an unused and neglected area of the house.

However, you also need to take into consideration things you may need to deal with once you install your simulation system. These include humidity, mold, low temperature, and potential lack of wiring in the basement, etc. Typical basement issues!

These are not unfixable issues, but they do need to be addressed nonetheless. Just make sure that you use a dehumidifier and treat any mold that forms around the basement to keep your precious investment (and yourself) safe from any harm. If you take all the necessary precautions, then nothing will stop you from having the greatest fun possible in your basement. 

If you were convinced of the utility of a golf simulator in your house basement, then it may be the right time for you to go and start planning your next simulation setup!

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