Top Gifts for the Outdoors Women in Your Life

Know someone who loves the outdoors? You’re in luck when it comes to birthdays and holidays. There are tons of gadgets, garments, and necessities for people who love to spend their time in the outdoors.

There are some things that the outdoorsy people you know will absolutely prefer to get themselves. Things like hiking boots or specialized equipment for their favorite outdoor activity are the kinds of things you may want to let them get for themselves. Unless you know exactly what they’re looking for, you’re safer sticking to more generic gifts that are useful in the outdoors. Check out this top gift guide for ideas.

#1 Thermal Socks

Thermal Socks

The feet are some of the first body parts to feel the effects of cold and damp weather. Find durable, warm thermal socks and get her socks she’ll love for camping, hiking, winter sports, and more. Thermal socks aren’t just warm, they’re also breathable, help regulate your temperature, and wick away sweat. Thermal socks aren’t just for the cold weather. They can also be worn in summer to help keep your body temperature regular and wick away sweat that can get uncomfortable quickly.

#2 GoPro Action Camera

GoPro has become synonymous with action cameras. It’s a compact camera that can take photos and video under extreme conditions. They have a rugged frame that makes it durable against being dropped, waterproof, and smaller than typical cameras. There are only three buttons, though some models have touchscreens for more detailed control. They use a wide lens that captures more scenery and makes it easier to frame a shot. A GoPro camera is the ideal gift for those who believe in leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but pictres.s

#3 Outdoor Scented Candle

As much as they love the outdoors, they can’t always be out there adventuring. Outdoor scented candles bring the woods and the wilds home. Look for woodsy, natural scents like pine, bonfires, wild rose, or Labrador tea.

#4 Portable Coffee Tumbler

Portable Coffee Tumbler
If there’s one luxury even the hardiest of outdoors-lovers crave, it’s morning coffee. Get them an insulated portable coffee tumbler to keep their morning joe fresh and warm through a cold, damp morning. Even better, complete their caffeinated needs by pairing it with a camping coffee maker. For those who like to stay on the go, something small and functional like a French-press style, durable thermos will be perfect.

#5 Solar-Powered Lanterns

For the eco-minded, solar-powered lanterns are ideal when camping or hiking adventures take you into the woods at night. Charge it up during the day so it can provide plenty of illumination at night. Find a lantern that offers a range of lighting, from LED spotlight brightness to a dimmable directional light that lets you save power. Adding hand-crank power and USB charging allows you to diversify your power sources so that you’re never without a light.

Some lanterns even come with USB ports that allow you to charge your electronic devices. You can stay connected no matter how deep into the woods you go, which can be great for keeping a GPS powered or updating Instagram with incredible wilderness shots.

With these gift ideas, you can’t go wrong. Get the outdoorsy woman in your life something useful for her next adventure.

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