How to Make Family-Friendly Décor Look Insanely Chic

Many parents are scared to even think about decorating and redecorating while their kids are small. They think that as soon as you get everything together, the baby will spill something on the sofa or the toddler will tip over a table lamp. But, you can’t live in a house that resembles a kindergarten more than a family home for years and years! There are ways you can pull off family-friendly décor and create a chic interior. Have a look.

Go neutral

Go neutral

Start with a neutral base when decorating your space. This allows you to achieve that chic aesthetics, especially when you splash some colors using smaller accent pieces. Make sure to choose washable wall paints and floor finishes that can be wiped in case of accidents. Pair your neutral walls with bold art that will add color to your space in a safe and classic way. You can even organize a family art day and frame your art around the house.

Pick the right fabrics

Just because you have a kid, you don’t have to give up anything that’s white or beige. The secret to keeping these light-colored items clean is the materials you pick. For instance, white canvas always looks elegant and chic yet it’s surprisingly easy to maintain and clean. Most stain remover agents can be used on canvas stains without ruining the items. Leather is also a good and timeless solution since it can just be wiped with wet wipes and all spills will disappear in seconds.

Fill your place with storage

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When your baby arrives, it might seem like you’ll never get rid of the clutter. For people that small and helpless, babies and toddlers require so many things that are not so presentable to the guests. So, what you need in your home is plenty of storage that will keep the clutter contained and your space elegant. Built-in storage is your best solution both in the living room, mudroom and hallway. These cabinets can easily hide diaper bags, shoes, toys and all other kid-related things.

Ensure safety with lighting

While layering your lighting is very practical and classy, it’s not very safe when you have toddlers just learning to crawl. They can easily pull down any table lamps or tip floor lamps, so overhead lighting is key. This is one of the many things parents simply forget to baby-proof, but the Internet is here to remind you of this and many other safety tricks. If you want to improve your ambiance, you can install dimmers that allow you to set the atmosphere depending on your needs. As your kids get older, you can start introducing reading and task lights. You can also opt for wall sconces that won’t stand in your kid’s way as they explore their environment.

Pick the right furniture

Pick the right furniture
As safety is one of the main concerns when furnishing your house, you don’t want your pieces to have any overly-sharp corners and dangerous materials. So, you might want to rethink that metallic coffee table and choose something more kid-friendly like a stylish upholstered coffee table ottoman. This is a perfect solution because kids can freely play around it. Additionally, some models can serve as extra seating, footrests and even storage if they have under-the-seat space.

Don’t over-decorate

While every chic space needs some decoration, when you have kids around, it’s best to keep your approach minimalistic. You can adorn your walls will some kids’ art, add some flowers to tall shelves and add color with decorative pillows and area rugs. But, try to stay away from too many figurines and display pieces. You’re not only risking them getting broken, but you can also end up with a cluttered look, especially if your kids love to leave a mess behind.

You don’t have to live surrounded by mess until your kids leave for college. Use these easy and practical decorating tips and you’ll have a chic and family-friendly home everyone in your family will love.

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