Top Five Signs That You Need to Fix Your Sidewalk

Concrete is one of the most durable and widely-used man-made construction materials. The interiors and exteriors of our homes need to be taken care of. People are often too busy focusing on their home interiors while ignoring the outdoor aspects, such as their driveways and garage unless the situation gets worse and concrete repair is required. Often, by that time, the situation of the concrete gets so bad that it takes thousands of dollars to have them repaired. Here are five signs that you need to call up a Concrete Experts Calgary.

Cracked Surface

Sidewalks and driveways are exposed to all kinds of outdoor conditions, including weather and temperature. Naturally, the sidewalks will develop a few cracks that will demand concrete repair. Tiny and slightly invisible cracks are usually unremarkable. However, earlier detection can save from subsequent loss. Earlier detection of a premature issue can save you loads of money. It is important to note that the tiny cracks can expand into the surface of left unattended while damaging the sidewalk from beneath the surface. Any such cracked surfaces must be checked immediately to save them from further damage.

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Broken Edges

Sidewalks often give in to the excess pressure and loads they are exposed to daily, specifically in higher traffic areas. If you don’t fix and repair the broken edges of sidewalks immediately, they can clock drainage paths or cause discomfort to pedestrians by posing as a trip hazard. The broken edges of sidewalks can also cause parking issues for vehicles. To fix the broken edges of sidewalks, you need to remove the concrete/ asphalt from the affected areas and replace it with a brand new set of concrete edges.

Depressed & Raised Surfaces

Usually, you will find the issues of depressed and raised surfaces with sidewalks with tiled layouts. A raised or depressed surface is caused by tiles that have been moved out of their place. These tiles get moved due to the constant pressure of the loads. However, it can also occur when the soil beneath the tiled sidewalk is soft and provides no solid foundation for the tiles. Such a raised or depressed surface is highly undesirable as it can lead to serious injuries and accidents. For instance, if the sidewalk happens to be on your property and someone trips over the raised edge, they could sue you by filing a lawsuit against you. As a good Samaritan, you would want to avoid that bit of lawsuit by someone tripping over the raised edge, and hence, your priority should be to have it fixed as soon as possible.  Check out your sidewalk and assess for any depressed or raised surfaces. If detected, call up a concrete fixer and have it repaired immediately.

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Fading Asphalt

Freshly constructed sidewalks and driveways are made of smooth dark black color. The color fades into light gray with passing time due to the extensive exposure to sunlight and cold temperature. This isn’t such an alarming issue on its own, as the black surface of the asphalt protects the underlying concrete layer from outside elements, such as the weather. You have to watch out for the color. If you detect it fading away, it means that the inner layer is more susceptible to damage and can culminate in cracks. With that said, faded sidewalks must be replaced with a fresh layer of the asphalt coat to preserve the durability and strength.

Avoid Moisture Accumulation

Areas that have poor water drainage culminate in moisture accumulation beneath the primary layer of the sidewalk. If you detect the surface of the sidewalk to be slightly wet, or if you see accumulated water around the edges of the sidewalk, it is a strong indicator that the sidewalk is in danger of cracking and weakening due to the gathered moisture. Remember that the accumulated water on the surface of the sidewalk is no problem. The realm problems start when water or moisture accumulates underneath the surface. If this occurs, make sure to have the concrete fixed as soon as you can. To keep your sidewalk and driveway in the top position, you need to assess it regularly and check it for maintenance at least once a month. If you have a busy schedule and cannot look after the exterior of your home, you can also seek a sidewalk repair contractor’s professional help.  

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