How to Set up a Home Office without Breaking Bank?

Before the pandemic hit the world, everything was working normally. People were going to their offices, schools were opened for kids, restaurants were open for the public, and superstores were operational as any other day. 

However, after the pandemic strikes, offices were shut down, schools were closed, restaurants were not operational, and superstores were opened for a limited time. The hard times have not ended yet because COVID-19 is doing massacre globally that originated from Wuhan, China. 

Since March 2020, apart from few countries, people are strictly following social distancing. Most of the employees are asked to work from home until the situation gets back to normal. If you have been asked to do so, then this article will surely add some value to your work from home spree. 

Working from home looks so easy to many unless it’s done. As soon as you start working from home, you will find several challenges right before your eyes. For instance, the first one would be a distraction, laziness, and setting up your home office. 

Setting up your home office properly would lead you to be more productive and feel just like any other day in the office. So how to set up your home office – here’s what you need to do. 

High-Speed Internet Connection

You can’t settle for the least when it comes to an internet connection. Attending Zoom meetings to uploading and downloading files, internet connection is like oxygen to life. If you think a slow internet connection would do the job well, then mind if you are on a wrong track. 

In my opinion, a slow internet connection would lead to frustration and lesser productivity. I have been using Suddenlink internet for quite a long time, and never faced any glitches or interruptions. Make sure to check out service providers in your area and compare the plans. If Suddenlink is available in your area, go for it without giving a second thought. 

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Allocate a Separate Room

If you think you, can sit anywhere and work without losing focus, think again. How could you focus on work with the presence of your little sweet daughter and a naughty son? They won’t allow you to do so. 

For this reason, you need to allocate a separate room where you can do your work with peace of mind. If possible, you could invest in soundproofing your room so that no voice can enter your room. 

Buy an Office Chair and Desk

If you want to ensure productivity while working from home, you need to have an office desk and chair. Sitting on a comfortable sofa or your bed will result in a lack of productivity. Moreover, you can’t afford to have a backache while sitting in inappropriate positions. 

A good ergonomic chair can bring a huge difference in your work productivity. If you search for a while on stores like Amazon or Target, you will find plenty of office chairs and desks at affordable prices. If you are tight on budget, you can wait until the next sales go live. Or simply find coupon codes for the relevant store. 

Accessories and Tools

When working from home, you need a lot more than a laptop and an internet connection. How can you attend meetings, track your progress, or upload your files without accessories and tools? While setting up a home office, make a list of accessories needed to work without delays. For instance, you need to have a headphone, a USB, an external hard drive (optional), a mouse (trackpad isn’t convenient), and wire extension to do the job without losing efficiency. 

Moreover, if you are working at home, you also need to install online tools such as time tracker, Trello, Slack, Zoom, and Skype. All of these tools will ensure productivity, time tracking, and seamless communication with your peers and employer. 

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Proper Lighting

Proper lighting in a room ensures that your eyes strain less. If you are not having a window in your room, make sure to invest in lighting and fixtures. That won’t cost you much. And if you are a smart guy, I would recommend you to invest in smart bulbs and lighting. 

Clean the Clutter

Working from home requires you to stay organized and free of mess. Working in a messy environment would impact badly on your thoughts and productivity. Make sure to have proper storage cabinets and shelves to keep the room clean and tidy. Put all the unnecessary items in the cupboard and take them out when needed. If you have less space, you can try portable office furniture and storage items. You can also change the looks of your room by putting on wallpapers and posters. 

Summing Up

If you are setting up your home office, make sure to make it well organized and invest in all the equipment found in the office. Try the aforementioned tips to set up your office at home without putting a dent in your budget. 

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