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Top Five Dog Breeds for Families

Some dog owners treat their dogs not just as pets but also as members of their families. However, when there are children in the family, several factors must be considered when choosing the perfect dog for your lifestyle: the ages of the children and type of living quarters.

There are dog breeds that are very patient with smaller kids while others do great with older children. Some breeds are fine with urban settings while others require more room to stroll around. Do you want a friendly retriever that does not mind being poked and prodded by a toddler or a patient Collie that lets your kids ruffle her hair?

As a rule of thumb, the younger the child or kids at home, the bigger the size of the dog should be. The main reason for this is if in case the kid falls on a big dog, the dog won’t mind it and would simply walk away. However, a smaller breed might get aggressive and would most likely to react to protect himself.

When you have kids older than six, it is best to have small dog breeds with a calm temperament and raised by a good breeder. Also, when the child is playing with the dog, never let them play unsupervised. Here is a rundown of the five best dog breeds for families based on experts’ advice.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are friendly and outgoing dogs. This is why many people are attracted to this breed that the American Kennel Club ranked as the most popular dog breed. They are gentle and soft-mouthed, which make them great for infants. They are not easily annoyed by crying or noises.

Labrador Retrievers are high-energy dogs who love to jump, play fetch, and run around. These qualities make them perfect for families with kids of varying ages. When it comes to special care, labs require a lot of space to play and a regular exercise regimen. But, labs love to chew anything and need proper training to prevent future problems. That said, you might think that lab puppies are also trained before bringing them home. The chances are that you will have to keep on training them, but it won’t be a problem.

Because they are popular, it is sometimes difficult to healthy labs with excellent temperament. Fortunately, there is Snowy Pines White Labradors that can solve this problem.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs or Berners are easygoing and very loyal breed. They forge a strong bond with the family and are easily attached to one particular person. Berners are perfect playmates for families with only one child. This breed loves the cold weather and the snow.

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a shorter lifespan compared to other small dog breeds which usually range between 8 and 10 years. This could be difficult especially if your kid gets attached to the dog. When choosing a Berner, make sure to select a calm and even-tempered one. There are aggressive Berners and shy ones.


Spaniel is a perfect size for a toddler and small for a child to walk with. Spaniels are a great fit for some families. Spaniels do not need a lot of grooming but they need attention. The Spaniel could be a perfect dog for a family with an only child who always needs a companion.

Spaniels are high-energy dogs and ideal for the suburban or rural lifestyle. Because they are popular among families, it causes inferior breeding. When choosing a Spaniel, select a happy and confident pup from a happy mother.


By nature, Collies are herders, which mean that if the Collie views the child as his pack, the child gets a fun-loving and loyal companion for life. Because Collies are rough-coated, the need frequent and regular brushing. This makes them ideal for attentive kids who always want to do their hair.

Collies could be jumpers and may require a high fence to surround them. Do not confuse it with a Border Collie. Border Collies are very sensitive to sound, very shy, and very active, which makes them a very challenging breed for families or newbie dog owners.


The Newfoundland breed or Newfs are laid back and good-natured dogs. They love daily walks, swimming, and can pull carts. Newfs love the outdoors and could inspire a sedentary child to have more exercise.

Newfs shed a lot if you do not brush their hair on a regular basis. They also drool a lot. Newfs are playful beasts that grow between 110 and 150 pounds. They are the perfect breed for a country and suburban lifestyle.

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