Top Australian Furniture Brands to Look For

Aussies are very creative and love to work with their hands. And it is no wonder why they have many furniture brands all made by homegrown talents. The best Australian furniture brands are the perfect representation of the form-meets-function mindset that these people have. Their furniture is something to own because of the time and creativity spent to produce one piece.

In fact, some of the best Australian Furniture brands are unique and one of a kind. These designers and manufacturers have an elite club that keeps on growing. The furniture made in Australia is available online or in showrooms where you can conveniently buy them. Here are the five of the best furniture brands in Australia, as compiled by Amaze Furniture, your number one online furniture retail store.

Ever Bright Furniture

Ever Bright Furniture

Over the last few years, Ever Bright has a designer who created several registered and patented systems to provide their customers with unique furniture that cannot be imitated by other manufacturers. Although their fast-moving products, they also have a large storage warehouse to accommodate their customers who need them.

Boerio Furniture

This Australian furniture brand has a stunning range of dining, lounge, and bedding furniture and suites. Their style ranges from the modern to contemporary to classic, along with a diverse range of homewares to suit your style. Most of their customers love their chic and dreamy aesthetics, and their prices are affordable.


This brand is 100% Australian. It is a wholly Australian owned and operated bedding and furniture company that is making beautiful pieces since 1994. Aside from their showroom that displays their most coveted pieces, you can also find them in many online stores. Most of their pieces pay homage to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Aussies, which their customers love.

Brighton Home

Brighton Home
Brighton Home is a premier importer and wholesaler of furniture in Australia since 1975. Nowadays, you’ll find a vast selection of trendy furniture from the brand ranging from sofas, dining tables, and chairs to beds. There is always something for everybody at very affordable prices. Most of their pieces are of high quality at an incredibly low price.

OZW Furniture

Most of the furniture from this brand are made from Australian hardwood Timber, Tasmanian Oak, and Blackwood. If you know this type of wood, you know that there are very versatile and the most ideal for furniture making. And that same quality is what you’ll get when you buy from OZW Furniture. They are durable and have a perfect aesthetic.

There you have it. Few of the most coveted brands that Amaze Furniture offers. Visit their website for more brands that will suit your taste.

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