24 Ways to Jazz Up a Smaller Backyard

City living can be amazing; being close to work, close to facilities and convenience, but unfortunately, it can lead to having those smaller properties including smaller backyards.

With tinier backyards, it can be easy to get discouraged about maintaining them as well as taking pride in making them a real sight but there are so many ways to make the most out of your small backyard. In big metros like Sydney and Melbourne, especially in the hipster style of Melbourne, there are plenty of garden and backyard design options out there. If you are looking for inspiration to jazz up your smaller backyard space, here are thirty ways below for you to take a look at:

1. Everybody Wants a Spa

You know you want it, to purchase that spa! Make that the focus of your small backyard space, with great composite decking surrounding it. It can boost up your property value as well if done right.
Everybody Wants a Spa

2. Pallet Patio

Composite decking in Melbourne, not your style? Then maybe consider adding a pallet patio to your hipster Melbourne backyard.

3. Mix Up the Materials

Wood and grass elements, composite decking and beautiful lawn…these elements give your space true character and by dividing the yard into sections, you give the illusion of space.

4. Shake it Up

Just as much as symmetry can open up a space, asymmetry can take composite decking to another level, by giving a windy path through the garden- creating the illusion it is bigger than what it is.

5. All Dressed in White

When it comes to any décor, pots or beds, keep the colours light and breezy. Dark colours make a space look smaller and more closed in.

6. Growing Up

Just because your yard is small, it does not mean you have to have small shrubs or cannot have trees. Investing in trees that grow up and are thinner, will satisfy any want for a tree and make the space more attractive.

7. Minimalist designs

Minimalist designs
Using minimalist designs and keeping everything clean, can give life and create a flow in your garden. Making it look less cluttered and airier, no matter how small the space is.

8. Keep it Vertical

Get creative with your flower beds; vertical flower beds, hanging baskets, anything that helps stack the plants up, means that you can have more growth.

9. Fold-Away Furniture

Make your space more inhabitable by having fold away furniture. When you are not using the table, you can fold it away to make space but also fold out if you are entertaining.

10. Keep It on the Side

If you have a small amount of yard, keep it free by having all your gardens against the fence and on the side. Having an open yard will make the area look more spacious.

11. Finer Detailing

By incorporating smaller details into your design elements, like mosaic pathways and flower beds, you can give your backyard more colour and shape without taking up space.

12. Pool Party

Just because your yard is small, it does not mean you have to miss out on a pool. Small plunges or skinny lap pools can fit into even small yards.

13. In the Corner

In the Corner
Seating, nooks and other such features, when put in the corner open the yard up, giving more space.

14. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Diamond or other intricate shapes in pavers give more depth to walkways, giving the illusion of more space.

15. Symmetry

Symmetrical designs are not only more aesthetically pleasing, they create an illusion of more space and show how well the space is used.

16. Brickworks

Materials like red brick, especially when combined with greenery, can give a beautiful contrast to your space. This gives an effortlessly stylish look to your small yard.

17. Contouring

Being smart with your plants and contouring them to the space, will give a neat and orderly look to your garden while making sure you use the space as best as you can.

18. Take It Up

Using the roof of your composite decking, pergola or veranda as a place to incorporate plants, especially using them to add to the shade, will give an element of majesty to any space.

19. Combinations

Some combinations are just gold, like the use of square pavers, gravel and wooden furniture or landscaping. Simple features but make a world of difference when delivering on the best look for your small space.

20. It is Easy Being Green

Small space? Does not mean you cannot have a forest. By bringing in all the greenery, you can still get lost in your small yard.

21. Clash of the Elements

Bring more creative contrast with a small pool or water feature and a fire pit. These components add more features to your space, bringing more life no matter how small.

22. Hip to Be Squared

Using squares to create sections, gives your garden a look of uniformity and provides a great sight for those looking out. Use lawn, garden beds and pavers.

23. More Squares

Having square pavers and square boxes not only looks great, but if you trim those squares and keep them uniform, it adds that extra level to using squares in the garden.
More Squares

24. Terraced Gardens

Cute, homey and creative; having a terraced garden gives your space more bang for its buck, creating a beautiful tiered section of plants.

These are just some ways to truly give your space that something extra, but when it comes to smaller yards, there are endless options. No matter how big your space is or your budget, when it comes to home decorating and making the most of any space, the only limit is your creativity.

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