Top 5 Tips to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine

Doing laundry is time-consuming, tiring, and more so a pain in the neck when one has a tight schedule. Are you in search of the perfect solution to all your laundry problems? Its time you invest in a good washing machine. Choose a washer that comes with advanced technology and features that will make your work easier. Here are a few tips to consider while buying a washing machine:

Do you have a laundry corner or room?

You need to check your space before heading to the store to buy a new washing machine. Full-sized washers are 24-30 plus inches wide, and some are bulky. They may have contoured fronts which add to the width. Check to ensure the appliance will fit through the hallways as well as a doorway into the room.

Consider if the washer’s door will hit the wall’s surface each moment you open it while doing laundry. If you have a small space, selecting a front loader washing machine that mounts with a dryer is the best choice.



Tub dimension is essential, and it ranges from 2.45 cubic feet to 5.6 cubic feet. This is a critical feature that you should pay attention to. Choose capacity based on your needs. You can find the most significant size on a top loader that lacks an agitator as well as a front loader washing machine. However, you need to ask if it’s cost-effective! Without proper analysis, you might buy a machine that will cost you more water and electricity than required, thus not helping you.

Number of cycles

While searching for a perfect washer, you need to bear in mind the number of cycles they have. Some machines have up-to eight cycles such as cold wash, clean water with afresh, delicate, drain and spin, regular, rapid rinse, power wash, as well as sanitize. If you are in a hurry, you can select a fast wash cycle. If you are health conscious and want to eliminate all bacteria in your clothing, you can choose a sanitize cycle.

Have a budget

Have a budget
Are you on a tight budget but in search of a good washing machine? Having a small budget doesn’t indicate a sacrifice on washer’s performance. You can decide to go for traditional no-frill top loaders as they are the cheapest however they use more energy. Front loaders are expensive, but you are sure to enjoy, as such machines are water and energy-efficient.

Conserve water and electricity

It’s vital that you select a washer that uses less water and electricity. Front loaders use less water compared to traditional top loaders. This is because, with the second one, you have to fill up entirely for water and rinse cycle to take place. By checking online reviews on various washers such as mhw3505fw review you are sure to find which washing machine models reduce water and electricity use. Nevertheless, you should know that actual cost will vary depending on your usage as well as utility cost in your area of residence.


Doing laundry is part of household chores that one can’t escape. However, by going through online reviews of different washers such as mhw3505fw review, you can get insights on the best machine for you. This will help you shorten your time in the laundry room or corner while saving on energy as well as resources. Its time you base your next purchase on the tips stated above!

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