Five Classic Choices for Birthday Flower Bouquets

The fresh, delightful fragrance of flowers; a natural blessing that enables us to understand nature’s beauty. That’s why gifting flower bouquets is one of the basic traditions followed by people from generation to generation.

Some flowers make your memories even more memorable, their fragrance can be a real mood changer. Thus, they hold the capacity to bring your relations even more close and firm. Whether you need it for congratulating someone or as a surprise, flower bouquets are always special.

For family people such as parents, bouquets chosen with pastel colored flowers are genuinely appealing. Whereas for a life partner or loved one, red roses are considered as a standard gift for showing your love.

More precisely if birthdays are coming then nothing is better than greeting with a perfect bouquet; creating genuine smiles. Down below are some suggestions for more flower bouquet ideas for gifting someone special on their birthdays!

Blessed and Classy roses

Blessed and Classy roses

Symbol of love and romance roses are truly a signature gift on birthdays, especially the red ones. Truly, these colorful emerging buds are very pretty when present in bouquets. There are other color options too available for colors like white, pink, yellow and peach colored roses representing purity and affection.

Charming Lilies


The lilies are too simple yet elegant for gifting your older loved ones like grandma and grandpa. Other than this the lilies come in a variety of colors that’s why birthday flower bouquet can be very diverse form. Additionally, combine it with some greenery and sparkling ribbons so that the presentation also becomes pleasing.

Special Orchids


The most common reason to surprise your loved one with the flowers is to show that you care. Therefore, basic orchids with several colors is another good idea to incorporate with birthday presents. Hence, the combining effect of different colored orchid is so appealing that can bring happiness anytime, anywhere.

Cute and Inspiring Daisies


The inspiring daisy accompanies that power to attract anyone’s attention, moreover they are the very basic collection; making any bouquet more pleasant to gift someone. Thus, picking best daisies with brightening colors is another great option for birthday bouquets.

Bright Sunflowers


The sunny and bright sunflowers are summers best blessing, thus making a bunch of these glossies would never disappoint you. They are not only beautiful but holds a permanent image; inspiring, bright yet gorgeous. That’s why making a choice in summer is never difficult just because of the sunflower bouquets.


The flowers are true charms of this world’s greenery, responsible for germinating more plants and fruits furthermore. Their presence is able to change the whole scenario in just a glimpse of presenting.

We are truly inspired by these natural blossoms that’s why Cali Bouquet florist, has collected some best birthday flower bouquets for your convenience. If you are finding something new and innovative then you are in the right place, here we have each and every color to fulfill your demands.

Flowers wrapped with love and passion!

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