Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Promoting Your Landscaping Business

Usually people are confused with the term Landscaping Business, it is simply a business which caters in building, maintaining installing plants, lawns, yards, gardens, patios or any outdoor areas. To enhance the value of your accommodation or any owned building, landscaping service provider will assist you. There demand have been increasing continuously in the present world and so is the competition among the providers. Therefore, it is highly important how you are promoting your landscape business.

For any business to operate and deliver efficiently, marketing is the key. With the efficient marketing only, you can line up clients and retain them before the busy season starts. As per the saying, “Better late than never”, even if you haven’t promoted your business previously you must now take out pen and paper to note the easiest and helpful marketing tips you can apply for promoting your landscape business to avail unlimited benefits.

Following is the list of 10 best marketing ideas for promoting your landscape business.


1)  Ask what people need: Before indulging into marketing, you must be aware fo the needs of people. Therefore, conducting surveys or collecting reviews can not only help you in providing the desired services but also make your name known by multiple people. It will also give out a healthy image for your business. Giving the opportunity to clients for sharing their views etc. can also help in building trust and transparency.

2)  Request for referrals: Your current customers can be the best advertisers with little investment. Since, they have experienced your working their reviews can be trusted more easily. You must continue to remind your customers that referrals are essential for your business. You can even add a premium service or a line of services which could promote the clients to tell their family, friends, or colleagues about the business.

3)  Build a face for your business: Having a logo, slogan, might seem very little but have great impact on the clients. These things represent an impression and face of your business. Therefore, you must ensure to have well-maintained and presentable face to attract clients.

4)  Social Networking: This type of marketing is free of cost but have surprisingly powerful outcomes. From creating a YouTube channel to keep you client updated about your progress and working to maintaining Facebook and Instagram pages. These platforms are best for client interaction and to add transparency, customers will know the type and lists of services available along with the prices offered. This will also provide a platform for the business to be approachable to their customers at anytime of the day from anywhere. You may also keep up simple contest on your social media pages to keep engaging with the customers.

5)  Build your website: For more than 90% of your clients, website will create an impression for you. In this age of digital dependence, everyone searches for the thing they are looking for online. If your website isn’t updated how will your customers know you or reach you and hence, you may lose many customers. Therefore, landscape business requires an online presence which will further assist in promoting your landscape business. A website validates the business’s professionalism and provides the customers the information they require for making buying decisions.

6)  Business cards: These may seem as old-fashioned technique but trust me it is one of the best low budget marketing tips which always works. You can simply hand them over dinner or any meeting and this will help people to get exposure of your business in a glance. You can be creative with your business card and add details in different ways from adding a map to your shop or adding email, phone number and other details to help people reach you easily. Even if people discard them, they will be able to remember your name and in times of need they could reach you.

7)  Adds: Now, this point includes multiple type of advertisements. You may put up online add on multiple social media platforms or websites which people continuously visit. You may also air advertisement on TVs and radio, but these methods might be quite expensive. To get the maximum of this investment you can conduct surveys so that you advertise to the interested audience which would provide returns. These advertisements may be expensive initially but in long run they are beneficial more than any other form of advertisement. Since, these advertisements include audio and video, they provide best form of communication.

8)  Direct Mails: One of the potential methods is mailing multiple people. This might sound annoying and tiring but this technique is simplest of all and provide guaranteed results. Your email piece do not have to be elaborate or too wordy, simple picture or a small add would be enough. As, if the add is too wordy people are more likely to ignore it. Therefore, simply sending a picture or small piece of information regarding your work would be enough for the client.

9)  Provide discounts and deals: One of the most effective method which not only invites new customers but also hold back the existing client. The offers and discount deals offered through services can attract clients. Generally, client compare the packages offered by various companies to choose the best one and similarly you can do the same to prepare the best deal for your clients.

10)  Get help from a SEO agency: With the increase in technology and online dependence, the online businesses have bloomed. However, so is the competition therefore, to maintain yourself ahead in the race you must know what is SEO and utilize it to the fullest to stay ahead. SEO service provider not only help in designing and editing of the website but in all the online areas your business is facing hardships. The SEO agencies can help you improve your rank in the search engine and hence, is the best source of increasing traffic to your system and promoting your landscape business.

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