Top 4 Benefits of a Variable Speed Pump

When pool pumps are in question, people tend to go crazy about the variable speed one once they hear about its features. The minute they see the price tag, though, they shy away from it and try to convince themselves that it really isn’t that special. The slightly bigger cost is enough to make a lot of people abandon the idea of getting this product, even though it might be exactly what their pool needs.

Speaking of what it needs, you should learn how to maintain it properly:

On the other side of the story, there are those people who immediately recognize all the benefits of a variable speed pump and decide that it’s the right one to buy. Those people are usually great at math, since they are able to do quick calculations and determine that this product is the most cost-effective one in the long run. I bet you envy the individuals who can do math in their heads, don’t you?

If you aren’t so quick in noticing the benefits of this product, that doesn’t mean that you should give it up altogether right from the start and opt for the less expensive type. Every good purchase requires extensive research and if you are smart, you’ll do some research on this pump before you decide whether to buy it or to avoid it. With that in mind, I will let you know about a couple of important benefits of a variable speed pool pump, so as to help you make the right decision more quickly.

It’s Energy Efficient

It’s Energy Efficient

You don’t need to be a genius to realize that this type of pump will save up a lot of energy. If you compare it to the one that runs at full speed the whole time, you’ll definitely easily notice the difference and understand why the variable speed one is much more energy efficient. Among all the tips on how to preserve energy when you own a pool, getting this product should be on the top of the list.

In case you want to take it a step further when preservation is in question, you should get some additional info on whether the pump needs to run 24/7 or not. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. A variable speed pump is rather energy efficient, which means that you’ll get to save some money if you buy it. When you think about it this way, it’s no wonder that the price is a bit high.

It Provides Better Filtration

The whole point of these products is for the water in your pool to get properly filtrated. This is the area in which the variable speed pump excels and you sure want a product like that on your side. Not only will your water be cleaner and clearer, but your equipment will also stay in good shape for a longer period of time.

Can you recognize some kind of a pattern here? Let’s put clean water aside for a second and focus on the longevity of the equipment. The longer it lives, the less money you’ll need to spend on buying new equipment. The pattern is, then, rather obvious. This is another way in which the amazing product we are talking about can save you some money.

It’s Easy To Install And Operate

Now, here’s something that has nothing to do with money. Or does it? We’ll get to that in a minute. What you need to know is that this product will need to be programmed upon installation. The installation process is quite simple, and the programming depends on the type and size of your very pool.
It’s Easy To Install And Operate
When you find the best variable speed pump on the market, it will be fairly easy to program and operate. The various programs you will be able to enjoy will be directed towards saving you a few bucks. There you go, it does have something to do with money after all.

It’s Durable

The last benefit of this marvelous product has to do with its lifespan. It is rather durable, which means that the price tag that might seem so huge to you is actually quite justified. Once you get this pump, you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

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