Advantages of Installing Brownout Protection Device to your Air Conditioner


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What is a Brownout Protection Device?

A brownout protection device, technically known as a surge protector, is a device designed to protect your electronic equipment like an air conditioner against damage in case of a brownout or power surge. A surge protector is a power distribution unit that blocks excess electricity even before it gets the chance to cause damage to your air conditioning unit. Installing a brownout protection device is important for the following reasons.
What is a Brownout Protection Device
Importance of Installing a Brownout Protection Device

Either intentional or unintentional, a brownout is a sag or drop in voltage in electrical grids. It usually occurs when there is a heavy load, when there is a high electricity demand or when the weather is severe. An electrical provider will decrease the amount of power transmitted to every house to prevent a complete blackout. Hence, houses will be running on less power than usual.

Electronic Device Protection

One of the reasons why installing a brownout protection device is important is that it can protect not only an air conditioner but also other things plugged into an electrical outlet such as a mobile phone, tablet, computer, and television. If the outlet experiences a sudden drop in voltage, it can damage the aircon that is plugged in.

Electrical System Protection

A brownout protection device can protect an electrical system from a damaging brownout. This can only be done by a whole building or whole-home surge protector. The strip protector or outlet surge protector protects the items that are plugged into them including an air conditioner, not the whole electrical system. A brownout can damage your circuits or fuses just like a power surge.

Advantages of Installing Surge Protectors to Air Conditioners

Advantages of Installing Surge Protectors to Air Conditioners
Prolonging the Life of an Air Conditioner

Whatever the cause may be, a brownout or a significant power surge can stop your aircon from functioning immediately. A small surge the does not knock your aircon out of commission is still causing damage. These unexposed damages might result in a premature breakdown of your whole HVAC system. Newer aircon models are particularly susceptible to brownouts and power surges. You can get split air conditioners smart home advice to protect your HVAC system.

Avoiding Repair or Replacement Costs

Installing a brownout protection device for an HVAC system can prevent damage to any of your biggest investments at home. Your air conditioner integrates crucial electronics to supply efficient cooling. These elements are sensitive to brownouts and voltage surges. Electronic damage can impose extremely high repair or placement expenses. The worse thing is that most warranties on HVAC systems and most standard insurance policies of homeowners do not cover damage that is caused by surges.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

How often do you need to maintain the systems of your home, such as cooling? You will likely deal with more maintenance costs due to unexpected surges in your power. Installing a brownout protection device could minimize the number of calls you make for aircon maintenance services each year.

Preventing Lightning-Related Power Surge

High voltage can damage a capacitor, which may result in expensive compressor issues. It can burn electrical wiring inside your air conditioner as well. Power surges out of lightning strikes will probably not cause noticeable issues right away. However, it may take a couple of weeks or months before the aftermath comes out, causing you to pay for unexpected repair services. You can prevent this damage by installing a brownout protection device.

Brownout and Power Surge Protection

There are devices nowadays on the market that contain both brownout and power surge protection combined. The brownout or under voltage is as hazardous to your aircon because persistently low voltage can damage insulation systems. The only electronics that are safe from the effects of a brownout are those unplugged.


A whole-house surge protector is extremely affordable. You can purchase one for as low as a few hundred dollars. The unit can be installed on the same day, so you can start to protect your house for only a fraction of the expense that you may incur in repairing an aircon.

Fire Prevention

When one end of the electrical wire contains a high power, it is transmitted to the other end that has low power. However, when such power goes beyond the maximum threshold, you can experience an electrical disaster. Electrical disasters involving your broken air conditioner can result in house fires. Once an electrical system cannot keep up with the power demand, it can burn a wire. The greater the amount of power your home has, the more at risk it is of a fire. A surge protector will help you prevent this disaster.

One of the most important reasons for installing a brownout protection device to your aircon is the peace of mind it will give. If you are constantly worrying about power surges or house fires, purchase a surge protector and let your local electricians install it to your aircon so it will let you relax and be confident about you and your family’s safety.

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