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Top 3 Technologies that Transformed the Plumbing Business

Over the years, basic plumbing hasn’t changed a lot since the invention of pipes, and indoor toilets. Now, modern technology is revolutionizing the way basic plumbing interacts with our homes, and how plumbing services like A Alert Drain Ltd. do business.

Here are the top 3 ways that technology has transformed the plumbing business.

Video Cameras

Video Cameras

The nature of plumbing is that it is mostly hidden – in walls, under floors, and underground. When something goes wrong, it can be very difficult to identify the source of the problem.

Now, video cameras allow plumbers to see exactly what is happening in those underground pipes. They use small, specially designed, waterproof cameras that can snake through drains, and into sewer lines, giving plumbers a real-time video image of what is happening in your plumbing.

Video cameras take the guesswork out, and allow plumbers to inspect the internal condition of your pipes, and look for problems or potential problems, without digging up your yard or home. This way they can pin-point the exact source of the problem, and have the equipment and tools ready to fix it.

Going Green

Green technology is more important than ever to homeowners, and to business owners. Everywhere, people are looking for ways to save water, and money. New plumbing technology is providing ways to save water, save power, and eliminate harmful toxic chemicals from many aspects of plumbing. While any plumber can promote their services, PT General Contractor has advanced knowledge and skills to offer you the best plumbing experience.

These include:

  • Water Saving Toilets – (also called low flow toilets) are toilets that use less water per flush than traditional toilets.
  • Water Saving Showers – water saving shower heads provide good water pressure for your morning shower, but also reduce the amount of water used for each shower.
  • Energy Efficient and Solar Water Heaters – these use solar energy to heat water for your home, reducing the amount of electricity and gas needed. They make use of solar panels on your roof, passing the water underneath the panels to heat it.
  • Tankless Water Heaters – this is an on demand water heating system that only heats the water you need, when you need it, eliminating wasted power and energy. It is estimated that tankless water heaters can save you up to 35 percent of your energy costs.
  • Water Saving Sprinkler Systems – these high efficiency sprinklers are designed to use less water than traditional sprinkler systems and they evenly distribute the water to the roots of your lawn, where it can best be used by the plants. They reduce your water consumption and the overall water cost over time.
  • Greywater Recycling – grey water is used water from your home’s sinks, showers and appliances. It is often clean enough to be minimally treated before being recycled for use in other parts of your home such as your lawn, garden or washing machine. Greywater recycling greatly reduces your water consumption.


Among the many advances in plumbing technology, software might not seem like a huge breakthrough, but it has changed the way plumbers work, interact with their customers, and how they are paid for their work.
Software services allow plumbers to track service calls from the initial call, to when the job is completed. They also help plumbers keep in contact with their customers, and keep them up to date on the status of the repair, or even the exact time of the service call.

Automatically generated invoices also let customers pay on the spot and there is a transparency for all costs and charges.

These plumbing technologies reduce fossil consumption, water consumption and take some of the guesswork out of plumbing problems. They help make your home greener, more energy efficient, and save time and money.

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