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4 Creative Ways to Display China & Collectibles in Your Home

Whether you’ve carefully curated a set of fine china or treasured collectibles that are currently hidden away, there are plenty of options for giving them the limelight they deserve, without sacrificing the integrity of your decor. Whatever you’re passionate about, it deserves to be shared with others. Looking for inspiration for decorating your home? We have a few ways in mind to help you put your family heirlooms, antiques, or collection front and center.

Check out these 4 creative ways to display your favorite china and collectables in your home:

Curio Cabinets

Beautifully designed plants don’t belong in your closed wood cupboards. They should be on display for the viewing pleasure of you and your guests Fortunately, a Pulaski curio cabinet is the perfect way to tastefully display your fine china. Available in a variety of rich wood finishes, shapes, and widths, you’ll be able to find one that can be seamlessly integrated into your decor. Have a more modern home? You can also find curio cabinets in sleek, metallic finishes.
Curio Cabinets

If you’re limited on space, you could get a corner curio that can still display a decent portion of collection without taking up too much room. Whether you want to keep it simple with a single set of china or you want to use each level to display a different collection of dishware, there are a variety of ways to style your curio cabinet.

Gallery Wall

Have some beautiful frames, art, canvas prints, or other wall decor that’s gathering dust in your garage? It can be difficult to figure out where to put them up. After all, you don’t want every wall of your home covered. But, a gallery wall could be your solution. Gallery walls are design statements that are perfect for your favorite pieces. While conventionally gallery walls include art, mirrors, and the like, this could also be a place to include one or two pieces of your favorite Noritake® fine dishware, an artsy door knocker, or a wreath. Your imagination (and space) is your only limit.

The key to a great gallery wall is striking the right balance. Usually, you want to have a cohesive theme so everything works together. You should also consider the shapes, sizes, colors, and textures when putting together the perfect combination of pieces.
Gallery Wall

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes make an excellent option for keepsakes and collectibles. Whether you want to preserve your vintage antiques or have some Funko Pop! figurines you want to put up to add some quirky character to your home, a shadow box will work just fine. And, they’re easy to put together.

Typically, you’ll want the backdrop to be subtle, like a matte black or white board, but you can get creative depending on what you’re putting inside. Once you have the contents set up and secured (you can often just set them in there or glue them down), you can arrange one or more on a wall to create a fun and exciting exhibition. You could even include a shadow box or two in your gallery wall.


This might sound obvious, but shelving is an easy way to display your most treasured items. From family heirlooms and loved family photos to trinkets from your travels, you can get creative with the content of your shelves. And, you can keep it simple with single shelf or place several on one way to create for a more impactful design.

Just keep in mind, shelves can begin to look busy quickly. It’s all about spacing, careful placement, and thoughtful selection to create the best looking shelf display. You can even play with the heights and widths of objects to create the most visually appealing pairing.

These display ideas are sure to give you some inspiration for how to make the most of your collectibles by adding character to your home. So, dust them off and get them ready for their debut. Whatever your style or decor budget, one of these recommendations can be worked into your interior design to take it to the next level.

Remember, how you choose to decorate your home should be an expression of your tastes and interests, so have fun with it.

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