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Top Tips for a Successful Home Inspection Career

A few hours of preparing for the exam, passing, and getting licensed doesn’t guarantee success in your home inspection career endeavors. You need to supercharge your career with relevant skills, expand your connections, and keep learning as you scale new heights. With the right skills and tools, a home inspection career is among the most rewarding and flexible field with desirable job security. The best part is that with a few tips and tricks, you can quickly kick-start and fast-track your home inspection career. If you are considering it, here is a quick guide on how to become a home inspector.

Research your state’s requirements

The first step is to ensure that your home inspection endeavors are in adherence to your state’s regulations; else, you get in trouble with the law. The requirements vary from state to state, with some requiring licensing, a set number of classroom hours, background, and criminal history check, while you could launch your career without any experience in some states. From coursework, licensure, to apprenticeship among other requirements, understanding your state’s requirements helps you to plan your next step.

For instance, as you strive to fulfill your state’s requirements, you could have considered signing up for an online course only to realize that it is not valid in your state.
Research your state’s requirements

Supercharge your skills

Choosing one of the best home inspection training schools is recommendable not just as you strive to fulfill your state’s requirements and get a license but also to enhance your skills. While you might have a keen eye, home inspection skills require an understanding of how properties are constructed.

This includes having knowledge of the different systems and how they affect the property’s functionalities. With such skills, you can offer effective services as you are less likely to miss a thing compared to just following your instincts and ideas of what to expect.

While your state might not require licensing or a set number of classroom hours, it is recommendable to consider it. For instance, apart from home inspection skills, the training also enhances your social skills, allowing you to associate better with your clients and offer effective customer service.

Moreover, you get a chance to meet other like-minded people and expand your professional circles. What’s more, with a certificate and a license, you inspire confidence and trust, allowing you to capture more clients unlike you would with no training and license.

Choose a path

Following your situation and preferences, you can either choose to work under the wing of an established home inspection firm or start your business. Working for an established firm is an ideal choice if you don’t have enough upfront capital to start a business. However, as you consider different firms, check the non-compete agreement and how it affects your quest of starting your business once you raise enough capital.

Working for an established firm has lesser risks and provides a chance to start earning immediately. However, it is not as profitable as running your home inspection business.

With the flexibility of working at your pace, a home inspection business can generate over $70000 per year with around ten inspections per week. The trick, however, is positioning your business to attract quality leads and gain an edge over the competitors.

While running your home inspection business, moreover, understating the risks and implementing mitigation strategies is crucial. For instance, you could take general liability as well as errors and omissions insurance to caution against pricy lawsuits that could adversely affect your business.

Keep growing

Keep growing
After establishing your business, you can’t afford to relax as that would only derail your quest to scale up the business. The ever-evolving market requires continuous learning to keep up with the demands. As you scale up your business, joining professional institutions such as the American Society of Home Inspectors comes in handy. Such institutions not only ease your quest to keep up with the industry’s changes but also improve your reputation as consumers trust businesses with established professional affiliations. As you implement effective strategies and offer services that exceed your customers’ expectations, you could also win various prizes that showcase your business excellence, enhancing your growth rate.

Learning how to become a home inspector is not that complicated. With the above tips, you can conveniently fast track your home inspection career.

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