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Top 10 Daily Routines and Habits of Highly Productive People

Whether you work from home using a Zoom virtual office background or whether you have to go into an office every day, you may find yourself feeling less than productive and wondering what you could change to power through your to-do list easier. If this is the case, you could take a cue from highly productive people and change your everyday routine or habits. Check out these top tips that could help you get – and stay! – more productive.

Meditate to Manifest Your Goals For The Day

Before you log into your first video meeting using a Microsoft teams virtual background, it’s important to take some time to de-stress, set your goals for the day, and get focused. Investing even ten minutes into meditating in the morning can help you manifest your goals for that day. With a healthy session of meditation, you may be able to:

  • Relieve your stress
  • Boost positive emotions
  • Get into a healthy mindset
  • Gain clarity about your daily goals
  • Boost your patience and self-awareness

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Turn Off Your Devices 30 Min. Before Bedtime

Although you may need to use your smartphone and other devices during the day for work-related calls, the occasional Zoom immersive view backgrounds download, and so on, it’s important to put those devices away at least thirty minutes prior to your bedtime. Getting good sleep is closely linked to workday productivity, as well as better mental and physical health. Turning off your devices well before bedtime helps you:

  • Avoid disrupted sleep cycles due to blue light
  • Regulate your melatonin production
  • Enjoy deeper, more restful sleep
  • Potentially boost your productivity levels the next day

In brief, there are at least ten everyday routines and habits you could pick up that may help you pack more into your day without feeling overworked or stressed. With these ten habits, you may be able to become a highly productive person! For starters, you could:

  1. Make your bed first thing every morning;
  2. Make room for meditation, yoga, or exercise each day;
  3. Get into a morning and evening self-care routine and stick to your schedule;
  4. Turn your phone and other devices off before bedtime to get good sleep every night;
  5. Pre-plan or pre-portion your meals to ensure you get a healthy diet even when you’re busy;
  6. Avoid multitasking and focus on checking your to-do list off one at a time;
  7. Always learn from your past mistakes and ask for advice from professional connections;
  8. Eliminate all distractions from your office to help keep yourself on task;
  9. Make long-term goals and track your progress towards them regularly;
  10. Download organizational and productivity apps to help you structure your time more effectively.

Knowing how to stay on top of your to-do list can help you get through your day a little easier and avoid feeling overwhelmed or overly stressed. If you’ve always wondered how highly productive people manage to juggle it all, these insights could prove helpful to you. Keep these habits and routines in mind as you adjust your own schedule to boost your productivity.

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