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How To Create An Outdoor Entertaining Area

Warm weather, cold weather, rain, hail, or shine–creating an outdoor entertaining area is a homely addition you won’t regret. From the classic Aussie BBQ to outdoor dinners, or even a game of backyard cricket in between meals, a proper outdoor entertainment area can transform a home into a social destination.

Fortunately, with our endless list of outdoor entertainment area ideas for Australia, your home will be the place to be during summer but all year round.

Discover for yourself how alfresco dining can improve your home and the benefits that a covered outdoor entertainment area can bring.

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

One of the keys to a thriving outdoor entertainment area is improving the flow between the inside and outside. Bringing the outdoors indoors creates a seamless pathway between all areas of your home.

It’s pretty clear to us Aussies, and the rest of the world that we have always loved the outdoors. So it’s no wonder that contemporary house designs in Australia reflect this affinity by seamlessly blending the indoors and outdoors. Choosing a floor plan designed with your outdoor entertainment lifestyle in mind is an essential first step to getting the most out of your home and the most out of your block.

Remember, house design isn’t just four walls, windows and a few doors. In addition to putting a roof over your head, a home should offer families a connection to their natural environment, with ample protection from the elements. Plus, everything you need for entertaining.

For example, the Astoria 39 house design from Better Built Homes features a walk-in butler’s pantry, seamless flow between indoors and out and proximity to entertaining areas at the back of the house. Yet, a space division indoors gives guests opportunities to roam about the space.

Sunshade Protection

It’s no secret that our harsh Australian climate makes sunshine that much more dangerous. So much so that the classic Australian health campaign from 1981, Slip, Slop Slap, was expanded in 2007 to include Seeking shade and sliding on a pair of sunnies. 

Seeking shade in the warmer months is necessary for coping with and enjoying the outdoors, especially in the middle of a scorching hot summer’s day. Outdoor alfresco designs offer permanent cover, reducing glare, improving sun protection, and providing shelter from the rain.

Plants are another terrific option for providing shade, especially large trees. Even a small collection of plants can help cool the air, with even the NSW government looking to increase green cover and open space to provide natural cooling.

Host of the Seven Networks The Outdoor Room, Jamie Durie, suggests selecting native plants as they are more likely to thrive in your local area.

A Private Oasis

There’s a fine line between privacy and isolation. Ensuring that your family and guests enjoy a sense of privacy without feeling boxed in or isolated entirely from your neighbours is an essential aspect of any outdoor entertainment area.

In The Outdoor Room, Jamie suggests a middle ground, which they call “ a sense of enclosure”. Simple solutions like screening plants, areas exclusively for seating, or the shade of a big tree can help create a more comfortable feeling.

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Dynamic Spacing

House designs should consider outdoor entertainment areas, with the kitchen and family spaces interconnected, flowing from indoors to alfresco dining outdoors. Avoid confusing layouts that prevent guests from joining in no matter where they are located.

One of our favourite outdoor alfresco ideas is having direct access to the kitchen or indoor dining area for a more continuous and connected sense of space and use of your personal style.

Personal & Comfortable Touches

Amongst all of our outdoor entertainment ideas should be a touch of personal style. Remember, this is your home, after all. In addition to making your guests feel at home, personal touches will make all the difference to its atmosphere. 

Make your outdoor alfresco areas comfortable with a plethora of chairs for guests and thick cushions. These personal touches will encourage guests to venture outside and linger for longer, enjoying the experience. 

And though you may be outside, lighting can help create a more welcoming space. If you’re unable to install new lights, a couple of fairy lights or larger outdoor string lights will instantly improve the atmosphere. Another option is solar lanterns. Placed throughout the garden, they’ll provide lighting for people moving about the area.

For more outdoor entertaining ideas, check out these Pinterest Boards ‘Outdoor Entertaining Spaces’ and ‘Garden Inspirations’ for over 100 ideas for your own Alfresco or outdoor area.

Visualise Your Outdoor Alfresco Space

One of the most straightforward methods to create an outdoor entertainment area is to see one up close and personal. Visiting a display home will allow you to see a home’s physical connection with the outdoors. 

Oh, and one more thing. Invest in a good quality BBQ; it’s a must-have for any outdoor entertainment area in Australia.

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