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Tips to Write Unique Essays More Quickly

If you have written a university essay, you know that writing one isn’t a walk in the park. Now, all hell breaks loose when you are pressed for time, and you need to write your essays more quickly. If you feel stressed about writing your essay, visit this source for help writing good essays.

If you have limited time left with tight deadlines, you may panic. It is natural to experience that adrenaline rush. Many students go through that, so you are not alone. If you are struggling and having a hard time meeting your deadlines, it would be a good option for you to ask help from online writing services like how the Singapore essay writers provide students with good quality, reliable essay writing service.

Interestingly, some students thrive in such pressed environments. Everybody is different though so, we cannot make a general claim that you will also thrive under pressure.

The bottom line is you will need to contain that anxiety to ensure that it doesn’t eat up your creativity. Use the limited time to research, brainstorm, come up with brilliant ideas, and then write the perfect and unique essay you’ve always wished for.

This piece is all about writing the best essays quickly. Therefore at the end of this guide, you can expect to know the best tips for writing the best essays and, most importantly, avoid the dreaded plagiarism mistakes. Let’s dive in!

How do you Write a Unique Essay very Fast?

To begin with, when writing a unique essay fast, you mustn’t forget about the basic essay writing principles such as essay structuring, as this will directly impact your grades. It is also imperative that you acknowledge that you will face quite a lot of obstacles along the way, and your best bet would be to avoid them if possible.

If you can’t avoid the obstacles, it would help if you minimize their impact on the quality of your essay. One typical obstacle you will need to master to deal with is stress linked with achieving your goal of writing the perfect essay within a short duration.

This will ensure that you do not throw in the towel early in your essay writing process and fill up your document with words for the sake of completing the essay and submitting it. Now, to come up with the best essay within a short period, you should view essay writing as a process that needs good planning a good strategy to complete the work on time.

It is also important to note that there isn’t a magic wand or a specific formula for writing unique essays fast. However, there are basics that should guide your writing process to ensure that the final work is unique and free of errors you can avoid. With all that in mind, here are ten practical tips to help you write your essays fast.

1. Have the Right Mindset

Your mindset affects your foundational beliefs, how you process information, biases, and attitude. Ideally, it determines your likelihood of coming up with a winning perspective to help you achieve success.

Therefore, as a general rule, before you put your pen to paper, it is crucial for you to ensure that you are in the right mindset. Your first step in developing the right attitude is to avoid negative feelings and adopt positive thoughts.

This implies that you will have to do away with thoughts like feeling defeated already or feeling that you do not have enough time to complete the task at hand. The key, in this case, is ensuring that you stay positive and, most importantly, embrace the challenge.

You can picture the task ahead of you in your mind as a battle you’re confident of winning with your final goal in mind being a victor. It would also help if you keep motivating yourself that you’re going to enjoy the challenge and come up with the best essay within the shortest period and impress your lecturer. 

Before beginning, consider doing the activities that make you feel comfortable. Most people find taking slow, deep breaths very effective, so you may also want to try that to make your mind stay calm.

2. Get Rid of Potential Distractions

If you are in a cluttered room or a room with a lot of noise or any form of distractions, it would help if you deal with the room first. If your study table is cluttered, consider removing the clutter on it.

If you feel like the room is too squeezed or has a lot of noise, you may need to move to a different room that’s more spacious and has no distractions. Do note that your phone and social networks are also a significant cause of distractions.

Therefore, it would help if you switch the phone and keep it away. Procrastination is the last thing you can think of at this stage. If you find keeping off the social networks on your phone a challenge, you may want to ‘freeze those apps’ so they don’t keep on disrupting you.

3. Plan how to Use the Available Time

Having a clear plan on using the available time will make it easy for you to break the paper into chunks you can handle with ease. For instance, if you have 60 minutes to complete your essay, you may want to break the minutes into sections of the email you want to complete.

For instance, you may want to use the first 15 minutes for writing the outline. You can schedule the other 35 minutes for writing the body of your essay and then the final 10 minutes for revision.

4. Understand the Assignment and Create your Outline

You do not want to waste that precious little time you have coming up with a piece that doesn’t even answer the questions your professor has asked. Therefore, be sure to read the assignment and the questions to ensure that you understand everything required of you in that piece.

If, for any reason, you find some sections of the paper confusing, be sure to ask your professor to explain them. Here’s a perfect scenario you can relate to; you may feel that a question is vague or not very direct.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is proceeding with the essay without understanding what the questions really mean. In most cases, the professors have a deep understanding of their fields of practice that they mistakenly believe that some of the things they share with you are obvious when that isn’t the case with you since you are a non-expert.

Therefore, to avoid going out of the way, be sure to seek clarification if you do not understand your assignment. It won’t make you stupid. Seeking clarification will also indicate to your professor that you care about the task, and this may give you a boost in the grades.

Once you’ve understood the questions, do not skip the essay outline. The essay outline, in this case, will help you organize the multiple ideas about the topic you’re tackling.

It would also double as a schedule for when to accomplish some parts of your writing. This is important because when you begin writing an essay, you will have several ideas racing through your mind, and this may work to your disadvantage as it may make you confused.

To avoid this scenario, create a good frame outlining the areas you wish to place your ideas. This will ensure that you have a good structure of the essay and a ‘map’ to guide your writing to write fast and accommodate all your important ideas.

5. Dive into Research

You will need to do proper research before writing your paper. Ideally, it isn’t a wise idea to begin the essay without enough pieces of evidence for supporting your topic, as this will slow the whole of your writing process and make coming up with unique content a challenge.

In-depth research will help you ensure that every point in your essay is well-argued, supported with facts and that your essay doesn’t have fluff. Good research on the topic before writing your paper will also make your referencing easy, something which would also give your grades a boost.

6. Read Through the Final Work

No matter how pressed you are for time, it isn’t really wise submitting your essay without a thorough read of that work. Go through your essay as many times as you can, making all the relevant edits.

Ensure that all the facts you have mentioned in your essay are accurate and referenced well. Finally, check for any grammatical and logical errors, ensuring that you get rid of them. The paper should also not sway away from your thesis statement.

Final Word

Writing an academic essay can be frustrating but having a good plan for writing your paper will mean that you will have almost 50 percent of the work done. Do not panic; get your facts right and read through the work again to get rid of mistakes your eyes may not have caught when writing.


Essay writing is a major part of the writing process but most students find it all wrong especially, when pressed with deadlines. This guide explores ingenious ways students can write perfect essays within the shortest durations.

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