6 Places in Your Luxury House Where You Should Consider Setting up Mood Lighting


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The interior of a luxury house or condo is appealing in its own way. From the architectural design to the contents inside the house, everything contributes to this appeal. Yet, the occupants of these properties are always looking to add more glamor to their homes. And one way they tend to do so is through the installation of mood lighting.

Natural lighting is crucial to make a house look fresh and keep its occupants energetic. General lighting is needed to keep the house lit during the night. Mood lighting, however, serves a different purpose. They create different moods or environments in various settings or situations. Their presence gives the interior a vibrant appeal. 

For mood lighting to work its magic, you have to install it in specific areas. Six such places in your luxury house that are perfect for installing mood lighting are discussed below. 

1 On the Living Room Ceiling

The living room is the perfect place to add some mood lighting. The lights can be set up on the ceiling. They can be lined along the seating area facing the television. That way, you can enjoy movies with the regular lights turned off, and the mood lighting turned on. It will be as if you were enjoying yourselves at a movie theatre. 

Besides the ceiling, you can also set up the lights behind shelves and other furniture or decor standing next to a wall. It is a way of highlighting the presence of these objects inside the room.

2 Inside Walk-in Closets

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Luxury homes are bound to have at least one walk-in closet. These spaces are perfect for installing mood lighting alongside the regular lights. Think about it – the red, blue, or white lights around the closet will create a serene environment as you decide what to wear to the party. You can even take some amazing mirror selfies of yourself in that closet with the mood lighting in the background. 

3 Around and Under Staircases

People who enjoy living a fancy lifestyle will always find a way to get everything tailor-made for them. The staircase in their house is no exception to this. 

Imagine a set of wooden bespoke stairs made from the finest oak with a glass balustrade. It is a modern staircase design with some extraordinary craftsmanship. These stairs are elegant and give the interior the rich and luxurious appeal it deserves. There is nothing you can add to these stairs to make them look better. 

Yet, you can still enhance the way they appear at night. Mood lighting fitted around and under the staircase will give your stairs a charming look during the night. You could also add sensors to each step on the staircase. That way, the stairs will light up only when someone is climbing them. Such a creative design idea will surely earn you and your house a lot of praise from guests and visitors.

4 On the Bedroom Walls

You do not have to surround every inch of the walls in your bedroom with mood lighting. Instead, you have to set them up in specific spaces. 

One area in your bedroom that will look good with mood lighting is the wall behind your bed. It will make the bedroom feel cozy and serene. You can also set it up under the bed if it is placed at an elevated stage a little above the floor. 

5 Around the Garden Seating Area

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Mood lighting installed around the garden seating area gives it a calming appeal. It makes the garden look more beautiful during the night. You can even ditch regular light bulbs near the seating area and just use LED light strips around it. It will make for a more peaceful environment around that place.

6 Under the Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

The kitchen is that one area of the house where you least expect to see mood lights. However, they will give the kitchen a glowing look if you fit them appropriately. 

Start with the cabinets. Mood lights will look amazing under your kitchen cabinets. Blue LED lights can go with almost any cabinet color. Or, you can opt for a dark red LED as well. Once the cabinets are done, move over to the kitchen counters. A single strip of LED lighting around the top border of the counters will be more than enough. 

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know where to fit these lights, it is time to start planning things out.

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