Tips to Do Gardening in a Small Place

It is generally seen that the vegetables or fruits always remains very fresh in the garden. But when these vegetables and fruits are plucked and brought to the supermarket they do not remain so fresh what it was used to in the garden. And it is obvious because after plucking the fruits and vegetables it takes some time may be a day or two to reach the supermarket. So, whenever we go to the supermarket we never get fresh fruits and vegetables. That is the reason why most of the people want to have a big home where they can plant vegetables and fruits in their own yard. But purchasing a big plot is not possible for everybody. So, most people skip the idea of planting fruits and vegetables. You can check WikiLawn for getting a unique idea of gardening. However, in this article we have come with some useful tip with the help of which you can do gardening even in a small place of your balcony:

    Making a plan

  • Making a plan: You must have a good plan if you want to do gardening in small area successfully. It is very essential to measure your patio or balcony so that after you plant the vegetables and fruits in the patio or balcony you must have enough walking place. Gardening in the balcony is possible but the balcony should be in such a place where the plants get enough sunshine. You can also think creatively while planting the crop in the small place. For example, you can place the flowers in the horizontal position whereas vegetables in a vertical position or as you wish. You can also design lie a shoe rack or a vertical garden tower.
    Research on the plants

  • Research on the plants: It is also very essential to research on the plants before planting the crop. It is true that in the balcony or patio it is not possible to give much water and as such, you should plant that type of plants which remains moist even with little water. If the root of the plant does not get dry it will stay alive. Apart from that, it is also necessary to research which crop you should plant. You should know when it is necessary to water the plant when not. So a little bit of research is very essential.
    Controlling the pest

  • Controlling the pest: Pests are the biggest enemy of the crop. If you are new to gardening and do not understand the signs of attack of pests then it can ruin your crop. If you need to save your crop from the pest then you must take precautionary measures. Some flowers and herbs such as marigold repel on insects. So, if you can add some insects such as lemongrass, rosemary or basil in these plants it will help them to grow.
    Water the plant regularly

  • Water the plant regularly: When you plant the crops in the balcony or patio there is a very less chance that gets rainwater. So, it becomes very essential to water these plants regularly. Moreover, it is also observed that plant, fruits, flowers or vegetables that you grow in small place use up all the available nutrients in a much faster rate than that of the plants placed in the large garden.
    Listing of plant you can grow

  • Listing of plant you can grow: This is a very important decision that you should think before you plant anything. Since space is small you must make a list of plants that can grow even in a small place. For example, you can plant a number of fruits and vegetables in a small place such as carrots, beets, squash, mustard greens, strawberries, dwarf apples, etc. There are many people who wonder and think that how much crops they can produce from a few plants in a small place. But instead of thinking in such a way they should make a list of crops about what to grow and what not and in what quantities based on the proportion of their consumption of the crops.

Planting a garden in a small place such as a balcony or patio has its own charm and is certainly a great way to enjoy gardening even if you do not have a big space.

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