Six Necessities for a Seamless Home Gym!

With society taking on a health-conscious and body-positive approach these days, staying in shape seems more appealing than ever, but can be just as much of a hassle. Between work, family life, errands, and that much-needed “me” time, it can be hard to fit in a decent workout.

Over the last decade chain gyms have popped up all over the place. In most cases it’s easy to find one within a twenty-minute drive of wherever you live. And these places are well-equipped to meet the needs of leg day, back day, arm day, or just cardio. Not to mention, they’re generally affordable – you can find and compare prices on PriceListo.

But just getting yourself to the gym can be a mental battle. No one wants to drag themselves toward an intense workout after a frustrating day at the office or an exhausting morning with the kids. It’s enough of a workout running around to the store, the bank, the mechanic. Not to mention, changes are on the horizon for a lot of gym members – check out some of the coming changes.

One of the most attractive options for homeowners is an at-home gym.

You might be thinking, I can’t afford that. Or, where would I put it?

But you don’t need a ridiculous amount of space or an endless supply of money to equip your home with the essentials to stay healthy. We’re going to go through a short list of six essential items to keep in your home for a full-body workout; all of them compact enough to take up little space, but get you sweating.

1. Yoga Mat:

Yoga Mat

If yoga isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we aren’t expecting you to be able to bend yourself into the Sirsa Padasana, even though yoga is a great way to both warm up and wind down.

Yoga mats have another use when it comes to floor exercises. In homes with hardwood floors – think those great, rustic, original pine boards! – it can be hard to get a grip. Most standard mats are made of vinyl. More earth-friendly cotton or recycled rubber options are also available, for those concerned with the health of the environment as well as your own.

The mats roll up into easy-to-store rolls standing at two feet high. Tuck them away in closets, next to book cases, or just behind the couch.

2. Resistance Bands:

Bands are also great tools for stretching, but their uses go even further. They come in different degrees of resistance, allowing for a varied workout, and they usually cost the same as one month of a gym membership.

Thin and light, bands can be kept in storage of your choice – bins, baskets, or a decorative sack, they become inconspicuous easily.

3. Jump Rope:

Jump Rope

Like the bands, a jump rope can be easily wound and tucked away into a corner or container.

Jump ropes are great for warming up and cardio. They’re one of the stereotypical go-tos for boxers, and three ten-minute sets of jumping rope can burn around 500 calories.

4. Dumbbells

You’ll find endless sets of dumbbells in the gym, and for good reason. They’re a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for curls, raises, lunges, presses, and much more.

Unfortunately dumbbells don’t fit quite seamlessly into any room. They’ll definitely be a give-away that you’re health conscious, but whether you choose to buy them in pairs or in sets, you can find them in various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your tastes.

5. Kettlebell


Kettlebells are often made from cast iron or steel, but can also be covered with attractive vinyl or enamel. Their compact shape means they’re easy to tuck away out of sight, and are also a great addition for an all-over workout.

6. Pull-up Bar

Pull-up Bar

You’ve probably seen those cheesy ads for pull-up bars that can be hung on a doorframe anywhere in your home. Yes, the eight pack on the man banging out chin ups might seem unattainable right now – but the apparatus itself isn’t.

If you don’t feel like installing a permanent pull-up bar in your home (on a secure support beam, please!) then these over-the-doorframe options definitely work. They have the added attraction of being impermanent, so you can store them in a closet or under a bed to keep from ruining the flow of your room.

The above selections provide a solid basis for an at-home gym that can be stored in out-of-the-way places. For anyone wanting to make a change for the better when it comes to their health, feel free to mix and match to fit your needs!

Any average size room in a home (about 300 square feet) is more than enough space to turn your living area into your own personal gym; just make sure you’re doing your homework when it comes to fitness regimes and the appropriate weight that your body can handle! Read more about accessible workout routines.

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