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How to Make Your Home Look like New Without a Remodel

How to Make Your Home Look like New Without a Remodel

Maybe you’ve been living in your home for years and you could use a change. Or, maybe you just moved in, but things look a little dated. The natural solution would be to plan a remodel.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the money for a remodel.

The good news is, just because you can’t replace your kitchen cabinets or install a new bathtub doesn’t mean you can’t give your home a facelift! There are many things you can do to give your home a fresh, new look, inside and out when you follow these tips.

Rethink Your Furniture

Rethink Your Furniture

Is your couch sagging in the middle? Maybe the corners of your end tables are damaged after years of wear and tear? Or, maybe you’re just tired of having the same entertainment stand for a decade! Getting new furniture is a great way to liven up a room without a complete remodel.

Update your living room with a modern sofa or redo your entertainment system. It may be just enough to make your space feel like new.

Don’t think you’re doomed if you don’t have the money to buy new furniture. Instead, consider rearranging your furniture to make things look a little different. You can also buy new throw pillows for the couch or repaint end tables to make them look like you just bought them.

Update the Little Things

Update the Little Things
Your furniture makes a big impact in your living room, but all those little things can add up. It’s those little things that are the easiest to change!

A few examples of little things you can update inside your home include:

  • Replace the handles on kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Replace the fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Get new covers for your outlets
  • Paint old tile
  • Install new lighting fixtures

Wish there was something you could do about that eyesore of a tub in the bathroom? There is! Instead of dishing out thousands to replace it, you can repaint it. You can use the same kind of paint on sinks too for a uniform look in the bathroom.

Get Rid of Some Stuff

Get Rid of Some Stuff
The Konmari method is all the rage right now. It’s all about getting rid of things in your home that don’t spark joy. Not only will getting rid of that clutter make you feel better, it can also breathe new life into your home.

By all means, take time to clear out your drawers, but you’ll see the biggest impact when you get rid of stuff that’s out in the open. Get rid of old knickknacks that don’t mean anything to free up space on bookshelves. Take picture frames off cluttered mantles and hang them on the walls instead.

The idea is to get rid of stuff you don’t love, but in the process, you’ll make your space look fresh and new.

Redo the Walls

Redo the Walls
There’s no arguing that one of the quickest ways to update a space with the greatest impact and the least amount of money is to redo the walls. That could mean painting, but it isn’t your only option.

There are pros and cons to wallpapering, just like painting, but you may discover that a little wallpaper is just what the design doctor ordered. It can provide an otherwise boring room with an interesting pattern that you just won’t get with paint.

Don’t forget about the ceiling! If you have an old popcorn ceiling that’s making your space look dated, it’s surprisingly easy to get rid of it and paint it smooth instead.

Do a Little Landscaping

Do a Little Landscaping
Don’t forget about the outside of your house! Skip the new siding and do a little landscaping instead.

Landscaping is one area where you can spend a little or a lot. If you want to make a big impact without a big impact to your bank account, try:

  • Installing a barrier around your flower beds
  • Hiding things, like the garden hose and AC unit
  • Installing a garden path
  • Using outdoor lighting
  • Planting perennials that never have to be planted again
  • Power washing cement driveways and sidewalks
  • Decorating outdoor areas with potted plants and flowers
  • Creating an outdoor seating area with paversThere’s no doubt that a remodel will make your home look like new, but you don’t have to dish out tens of thousands of dollars to give your home a face lift. Follow these tips and you can update and refresh your home for a lot less!
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