5 Tips For Creating Fantastic Outdoor Space Design Ideas

People often forget that when selling their homes, they are not only putting on the market what’s inside, but what’s outdoor space design as well. Before the buyers even decide to visit the house and talk to its owner, they will drive by a couple of times to see its appeal. A poorly landscaped exterior are not much of an appeal, don’t you think? Lovely front and backyard are encouraging the buyers to think that it is even more beautiful inside, and they are adding value to the property. In fact, some studies claim that outdoor space design can increase the return of investment for up to 150 percent. So, here is how to create fantastic your outdoor space design to add value to your home.

Ideas Outdoor Space Design

City Jacuzzi Small Garden in Hampstead Village, London Design By Garden Builders

1. Take Care of Front Lawn

Front lawn is the first impression, and we all know just how important first impressions are. It is what will make the buyer stop when driving by and schedule a house viewing. Cutting and trimming the lawn regularly, doesn’t cost much, but it can bring you great returns. Now, if your front lawn is in a poor condition, you should completely re-sod. You can achieve instant appeal with some simple upgrades, such as white picket fence, stone pathway, flowers and other vegetation.

Ideas Simple Front Yard Landscaping

Outdoor Space Design With Balanced ColorsHamptons Designer Showhouse By Drake Anderson

exterior and front lawn designsThe Gillis Remodel Photography By Tommy Daspit

2. Welcoming Entrance

Front door and the porch should be inviting and warm. In most of the cases, they can be updated with few simple DIY projects. First, you can give your door a new coat of paint. Be bold with the color choice – it can be a strong accent color, dark modern shade or pastels for vintage appeal. If the wooden elements on your porch are dated, you can repaint or replace them too. Make it even more welcoming by adding creative lighting solutions, potted flowers, sitting area or a bar.

Outdoor Entrance Pathways Style With Open Entrance DoorOpen Entrance Door Eichler House By Klopf Architecture

Stylish Modern Outdoor Entrance DesignModern House in Nature By Meredith Swinehart

3. Appealing Garden

A lush, nicely landscaped garden is a true buyers’ magnet. Still, you should always go for the low-maintenance solutions. An easily accessible one is to mow lawn. Do not allow yourself to have weeds in your garden – there is nothing quality spray tanks can’t solve. Add some colored mulch that will not only preserve the moisture, but it will also look good. Include trees, bushes, flowers, pathways, even some water surfaces for a more finished look.

Small Space Outdoor Garden IdeasGrant Residence By Giulietti Schouten Architects

backyard landscape with container gardenModern Farmhouse By Kelly Johnson Design

4. Outdoor Space Design For Entertaining

Outdoor space design with entertaining is very luring for buyers. Who wouldn’t want an inviting deck or alluring patio to sit with friends, dine outside and even organize events? If you already have a deck or patio, make sure you clean it well, and if there is a need repair it. The furniture should be in good condition, and to make it more appealing you can add accessories, such as throw pillows, candles, lanterns, etc. If you do not own an outdoor space design for entertaining , you can install an affordable shade sail and include some DIY furniture or get some cheap pieces at a local flea market and repaint them.

Create Outdoor Entertaining Space Swimming PoolSpectacular Outdoor Living By Eric Cohler Design

outdoor entertaining summer partiesSummer Parties By Athena Calderone, Designer + Blogger at Eye Swoon, Photography By Winnie Au

5. Don’t Forget Driveway

When landscaping the front yard, people often forget about the driveway, but the truth is that every time a car isn’t park there, it draws a great deal of attention – especially if it is cracked and in overall poor shape. If your driveway is paved, add a top coat of sealer, and if it is gravel you should probably replace it with paved option. You can also install stamped concrete or interlocking stone. If you decide to stick with the gravel, make sure there is a clear border between it and the landscaping area and that you add two to three layers (each four to six inches thick).

driveway lightingHouse in the Woods With Beauty in Light By Enlightened Lighting

Driveway option near front porchDriveway Option Near Front Porch By Topos Architects

The interior might be what sells the house, but the exterior is what attracts the buyer to the property in the first place. Make sure that potential buyers are so enchanted with your front yard that they must stop at your “For Sale” sign, and that they are further mesmerized by the backyard.

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