Tips On Maximizing Your Backyard Space

Modern homes are all about utilizing small spaces in the best way possible. Many houses are now built with relatively small backyard space that some people might struggle with utilizing efficiently as they might believe that space is too confined to be used. But luckily, there are several tricks and hacks that can be done to get around small backyard spaces, maximize its space, and use it in the best way possible. Maximizing your backyard space can be done for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to give children a chance to have a bigger play area, to host parties or to simply enjoy the scenery and do some gardening. There are many ways to achieve just that and enjoy a bigger backyard for whatever purpose.

Install an ADU

Install an ADU

Having a small backyard shouldn’t stop the homeowner from trying to maximize the use of that space in the best fitting way for them and their family. Houses with small backyards can also be small on the inside with not enough space or rooms for owners to do with what they see fit. One great way to maximize the use of an outdoor space and make it seem bigger as well as beneficial is to build an ADU in the backyard. The Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as ADU, can be attached to the house in the small backyard space or detached from the main house unit at your chosen location in the backyard. This unit can be used as a separate room for any chosen purpose in which the owners see fit. It can work as a playroom for children, be used for storage or even as a separate guest apartment. The great thing is it makes any yard look much bigger and more sophisticated.

Play around with colors

Creating the illusion of a bigger space is something that can easily be done by using the right set of colors. Some colors can make a space look bigger or smaller as you see fit. Palettes of light colors can maximize the space of your backyard and make it look much bigger than it actually is. As great as darker colors might look and as bold as they can be, they can also make the backyard space seem smaller than it already is. This is why homeowners need to be aware of the color effect when designing their backyard or when trying to maximize their space.

Separate garden space

Even if you have a small backyard, try your best to create different small spaces or areas of different outlooks so that it gives the illusion that a space is actually bigger than it really is. You can split it into sections and create different interesting spots. So, one area could be for the kids to play, another could be a gardening area where you can grow your favorite plants and practice having a green thumb and one could be a simple scenic lounging area. Try adding elements that fit with the scale by using small decorations if you want to be creative. Steer clear of large items that might make the space appear crowded.

Grow plants vertically

Grow plants vertically
Part of what can make your backyard space seem bigger is the way you grow any plants in it. Growing plants in a horizontal way would not allow for you to maximize your backyard space and it’s a common issue among homeowners. However, when you grow tall plants in a vertical way, it gives the impression that the backyard space is wider and bigger. Look for tall plants that can give the backyard the illusion of an enlarged space as well as add a shade element to your home and maybe even produce fruit. Try placing pots near the walls and design them creatively to add a beautiful element to your backyard and personalize it in the best way you can.

Add mirrors

Mirrors have long been known as the most common hack in making any space look better. You can play around with different mirror shapes and sizes in your backyard to make it seem bigger as well as add a unique element to the garden space. You can try to hide the edges with plants hanging on top or by hiding them in between trees. Make sure you place the mirrors safely if you have any children so that nobody gets hurt.

Invest in creative walkways

Maximizing your backyard space can be done in creative and elegant ways if you decide to add fancy-looking walkways. Walkways can be designed in numerous ways with different elements according to your own preferences and style. You can design the walkways to lead to the different spaces you’ve created in the backyard or to lead to your house directly. Either way, play around with the design and get creative so that it adds the illusion of a bigger space to your backyard.

Install creative lighting

Install creative lighting
Similar to the use of colors, lights can have a massive effect on maximizing the backyard space. Playing around with creative light installations can add the illusion that the backyard space is bigger, and wider, and it can highlight your favorite areas with a beautifying element. Try adding soft lights using relatively large lamps and place them strategically around the backyard to highlight all your favorite areas. You can install small LED lights on the walls surrounding the backyard if you have high walls as it makes the walls look wider and in turn, the backyard looks more spacious.

Backyards of some modern homes can be designed in a way that is small and not as spacious as the homeowners would want them to be. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you want to utilize that space in the best way possible and make it look more spacious with a number of creative and quite simple hacks. Adding beautifying elements like light colors or installing lights around the backyard will not only make it look more elegant, but it will also make it appear larger and wider. Try personalizing your backyard with small elements that will make the space look bigger and add beauty to the backyard.

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