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Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean Even if You Have Pets

Becoming a pet parent is simply one of the best things that can ever happen to you, especially if it is a puppy or a kitty who is joining your household. It’s not that we don’t like other pets. Of course, we do! It’s just that these two are the ones that have kept humans close company for the longest time and have become the most common household pets. We all love to look after and treat our pets, I know someone who just bought a home security camera kit to check up on their cat when it’s outside!

However, they can be as messy as they are cute and cuddly. Just think about all their hair getting all over your dark-colored furniture, PJs, floors, rugs, and just about everywhere else where there isn’t supposed to be any hair! Luckily, the best vacuum for pet hair is not too hard to find anymore nowadays, thanks to the Internet.

But pet hair isn’t the only issue; there are lots of other cleaning emergencies that you may encounter- from “accidents” on the carpet to your dog’s favorite treats spilled on the floor, dirty paw stains on the furniture and walls to scratched floorings. However, it is definitely possible to keep the mess at bay without spending hours cleaning. One thing to always consider is trying to find the best pet stain removers. There are always some really useful reviews to help you online.

But how do you use these things exactly? Is there anything you can do aside from vacuuming? In this brief guide, we go over just some valuable tips in keeping your home tidy despite the presence of your hairy and furry friends.

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Dust consistently:

Dusting is our least favorite part of housekeeping. Sure, there are other cleaning chores that are much harder to do, but dusting is worse because it is boring. A lot of us tend to dust only when the dust has noticeably accumulated, but this translates to more work than if you do it consistently.
Dust consistently

When you have pets, dust tends to accumulate in more areas more often. Therefore, do not leave it out.

Handle pet hair well:

Dogclippersly says Regular grooming helps prevent the hair of your pets from becoming unruly. Moreover, you can place sheets where your pets like to hang out. You can throw out the accumulated hair every now and then.
Handle pet hair well

Teach your pets how to communicate:

Pets, particularly dogs, often scratch because they need your attention to something. Discourage this habit by giving them an alternative means of communication. For example, you can place a bell by the door for your pets to use when they want to go outside.
Teach your pets how to communicate
While training them, you can place protective sheets on surfaces that can be scratched. It’s a lot of work, but smooth and spotless doors are quite a rewarding sight.

Exercise your pets:

No, you did not magically get flipped over to a different how-to article. We’re still talking about keeping your home clean even with pets around. Giving your pets sufficient physical activity means that they get to consume their energy the way they should.
Exercise your pets
Pets that do not get enough exercise tend to become rowdy indoors (All that energy will force itself out of them one way or another.) and end up gnawing on things, sprinting all over the furniture, and getting hair everywhere in the process.

Use tape rollers for clothing and upholstery:

The best way to remove pet hair from clothes and upholstery is by the use of tape rollers. Fortunately, vacuums have upholstery attachments, which usually do the job well. You can also use a hand vacuum, lint brushes, and dry sponges. Check out this top rated Shark vacuum cleaner comparison page to see which one is best for your pets.

Stock up on supplies:

Having pets around means having to get cleaning supplies that are specifically designed to get rid of pet hair. Fortunately, vacuum manufacturers now make attachments that specialize in fine hair and fur and vacuum models that are entirely dedicated to cleaning up after pets.

Typical durable vacuum for hardwood floors tend to sometimes blow things around, which is tolerable if you are dealing with ordinary dirt and mess. Pet hair is an entirely different story because these things manage to cling to nearly anything within an unbelievable radius.

Look for attachments or vacuums designed to attract or pull hair and keep them stuck instead of blowing them all over the place. Usually, electrostatic mops do the trick on wood floors.

Bathe your pets:

We do not advise that you bathe your pet every day, as there are many ways to clean your dog between baths
Rather, bathe them as often as you should, which depends on various factors, such as their activities, allergies, breed, and the like. This prevents such problems as pet odors, which can be hard to get rid of.
Bathe your pets

Get pet hair-resistant furniture:

If you happen to be shopping for furniture, opt for those with semi-aniline leathers and top grain. The way such furniture is manufactured helps conceal scratches, repels pet hair, and do not tear easily. They are also easy to clean.
Get pet hair-resistant furniture
If looking for fabrics, invest in microsuede or microfiber. Buy tightly woven high-grade fabrics, and get rid of loosely woven ones. You may also want to get fabrics with colors and patterns that disguise pet stains and hair well.

Place mats by all doors:

Cleaning becomes a thousand times easier if you can find a way to keep dirt and mud from entering, to begin with. Placemats by both sides of all doors, and make your pets understand what those mats are for. You also want to train them to wait by these mats upon entering the house so you can wipe their paws.
Placemats by all doors

Wash their paws:

In addition to mats, shallow containers with room temperature water accompanied by towels can be left by doors. You can use these to wash and dry your pets’ paws so they don’t bring too much dirt into the house.

Get rid of stains quickly:

Keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious stain on carpets, clothes, rugs, and furniture. Urine and other fluids can permanently damage certain fabrics and surfaces if left for too long. Solid matter can be removed with a dull knife or anything similar. Fresh stains can be removed by blotting with a clean cloth.
Get rid of stains quickly
Remove as much moisture as you can, and then mix a cup of water with a quarter of a teaspoon of clear dishwashing liquid. Apply this solution to the stain, and blot with a dry towel. Rinse by blotting with a damp towel.

Blot alternately using the dry and damp towels. If the stain and/or odor remains, have a professional cleaner handle it.


Cleaning a house full of unsightly pet hair may be frustrating, but it is definitely doable. Take deep breaths, gather your gear (Don’t forget the best vacuum for pet hair!), and move! By following these simple tips, keeping your home pet hair-free should not be a pain anymore!

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