10 Tips For The Perfect Outdoor Cooking and Barbecue Party

There is no reason not to know how to barbecue. People from all around the world have come to love barbecuing and do it with their own twist added to it for all sorts of reasons and seasons.

However, enjoying a great barbecue does not stop at knowing how to cook (or burn) meat or using the best pellet smoker. This way of cooking food is an intricate art that requires a lot of patience, skill, and technique. You might also like to try out different smoke flavors to enhance your meat even further. To get the best smoked meat you should really invest in the best offset smoker.

This is why we have put together our 10 tips for the perfect barbecue. Bookmark this so you have something to review right before taking out and oiling up your favorite outdoor cooker for summer.

{ 1 } Get the right cooker

Get the right cooker

There are many kinds of outdoor cookers available. A lot of them may look alike, but their role in the quality of your barbecue is as big as probably a small country. No matter how good you are at cooking, using the wrong type of cooker can leave you with something between a remotely recognizable barbecue and a museum relic.

Always go for either pellet or charcoal:
Always go for either pellet or charcoal
Food cooked over pellet or charcoal is smoky, juicy, rich, and tasty. You can feel the juice ooze out with every bite, and the taste is in each and every particle of the food.

{ 2 } Avoid additives

If you are using a charcoal grill, it can be tempting to use those ubiquitous briquettes. These abominations often have harmful additives like lighter fluid, paraffin, borax, or sodium nitrate. These won’t likely kill you immediately, but they can be harmful if ingested often and in alarming amounts. Furthermore, you can taste these in your food no matter how well you cook. They can also start a fire if they come into contact with other flammable substances.

{ 3 } Have the right tools

Have the right tools
You do not have to sear your own skin to become a true master of the barbecue. Cooking outdoors is much better, safer, and fun if you use the right tools. These include heavy-duty oven gloves and fish slices. Never forget the tongs. Nothing is more heartbreaking than accidentally dropping juicy, nearly cooked sausages into the grill or to the ground! If you’re on a travel then you may use a best fire pit which will makes your grilling process much easier.

{ 4 } Heat up right

Heat up right
Make sure that you are at the right temperature before, during, and even after cooking. Depending on what meat or veggies you are cooking and the doneness you are going for, use a thermometer or your hand to monitor the temperature.

The “hand test” is a simple but effective way to tell if the cooker temperature is appropriate. Hold your hand about 10 cm above the cooker, and see how long it can stand the heat. If it can stay there for at least 6 secs, that means you are on low heat. If it is at most 4 secs, that is medium heat, and 2 secs mean high heat.

{ 5 } Time it properly

A heating right does not mean throwing your food in your cooker when it is practically on fire. A lot of veterans suggest that you begin cooking when the charcoal is white-hot, but that gets misinterpreted as well. Wait for the fire to subside before you start cooking. The charcoals have to be gray and glowing, not burning (These allow for maximum and even heat.) before you put your food in. This process may take a while, so be patient.

{ 6 } Marinate well

Marinate well
Always marinate your meat, and do it well. A badly marinated cook is worse than the lifeless, tasteless hunk of processed meat that you order from some seedy food joint at 3 AM because you can’t be bothered to cook.

Make a killer marinade, and leave your food in it overnight to make the flavor penetrate well and not be overpowered by the smoke. You can even save the marinade and brush it on your food from time to time as it cooks to enhance moisture and lock in both flavor and smoke.

{ 7 } Pay attention to your sides

No meal is complete without a good side or two. Not only do they let your tummy transition between absolute hunger and carnivorous satisfaction, they also balance out your meal. Staples include potato salad and corn on the cob. You can also try Navajo flatbreads and couscous. These complement your barbecue and are a great way to maximize your marinade.

{ 8 } Use vegetables

Use vegetables
If cooked correctly, veggies can greatly enhance the overall quality of your food. You can even cook purely vegan meals if you get the fire done right. When grilling vegetables, slice them thin and skip the oil or any seasoning. Grill right away, and add some olive oil or vinegar once the veggies are cooked.

{ 9 } Try not to poison anyone

Barbecuing takes a lot of work. As a result, you may sometimes feel tempted to take shortcuts here and there. You can skip whichever step you like, but do not take chances when it comes to food safety. Use separate sets of utensils, cutting boards, and the like for raw and cooked food, marinate in the fridge, and do not use the marinade for basting. Summer is nicer outdoors than in a hospital.

{ 10 } Do not devour the food right away

Barbecuing takes a long time (Any length of time is a long time when you are salivating over the smell of smoking or grilling food!), so a lot of us can’t help but start tearing the meat right away the moment it gets off the cooker. Again, be patient here. When done, place the meat on a clean plate with foil and let it rest there for maybe 10 min before you carve it. This final step allows the juices to distribute evenly all over and inside the meat.

When it comes to perfecting the art of barbecue, having the best pellet smoker or grill is just the first and basic step. A good barbecue is enjoyed and loved by everyone and raved about long after summer has given way to fall. This is why it is important that you keep these 10 tips for the perfect barbecue in mind. Bookmark or print this, and keep blowing your guests’ minds with awesome barbecues. The another way to prepare Meat, Pork, Fish, Vegetable & other foods for big party is smoking which is getting popular these days. Electric smokers are built to insure every recipe is delicious and well cooked. You can read all the information and detailed reviews about the best electric smokers at Guideforshoppers.com.

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