Tips For DIY Kitchen Lighting Design

Can you remember the kitchen lighting scheme at your grandparents’ house? Chances are they had one large ceiling fixture that shone a beaming light on all of the kitchen’s contents. Gone are days when this was the most feasible option.

While lighting in a kitchen need not be an overly complex situation, you also want it to significantly improve your kitchen’s overall appearance. One way to do this is to pay attention to the unique requirements within the heart and warmth of your house. Here are some DIY tips to get you started:

Opt for Glass pendant light

If all else fails and you feel layering lights is too tedious a task for you, look to the experts. Experts often recommend the glass pendant light which has been used in kitchens for decades. The glass pendant light effortlessly enhances the appearance of your kitchen and looks good even when the lights are switched off.
Opt for Glass pendant light

Interior decorators will remind you that the goal when it comes to lighting a kitchen is not to show that you are artistically talented. It’s to create a well-lit kitchen that calls family members in and creates a feel good factor in the kitchen.

Inviting by lighting

Visit a more upbeat and sophisticated restaurant and the first thing you will notice is that they never stick to one type of lighting. They have lighting that enhances the mood, lighting that accentuates the venue, task lighting under surfaces to allow chefs to see the food, and decorative lighting to add a touch of class.
Inviting by lighting
The four layers of lighting are what welcomes guests and encourage them to indulge in the food. Your kitchen is no exception and you should aspire to incorporate all these lighting layers to create a homely atmosphere in your kitchen too.

Start slowly and underneath

Changing your kitchen lighting plan sounds easy but it is easier said than done. That’s why you should take your time with the improvements. Perhaps add some under cabinet lighting this weekend and a pendant next week.
Start slowly and underneath
Thereafter you can add accentuating fixtures to shine a light on antique collectible items within a cabinet. Adding just one touch of a new light in the kitchen can make a remarkable difference.

Steer clear of the glare

It’s important to note that no single light can effectively illuminate a kitchen enough to brighten the ambiance as well. The light emanating from one giant ceiling light can effectively overpower other aspects of interior design in the space.

You need to at least incorporate some task lights into the kitchen area where you are working. Think of adding under cabinet lighting. This is ideal when working on surfaces to cut up vegetables and the like.
Steer clear of the glare
It’s always a good idea to make sure that you can adequately see what you’re cutting and chopping without having a bright glare affect your eyes. For under cabinet lighting, strip lights come highly recommended.

Create the right mood with lights

Mealtime means enjoying the unforgettable company of family and friends and having lights that you can easily dim helps to add to this memory. When cooking you want brighter light so you can see every food item clearly, and a well-lit kitchen like this one from Martha Stewart is ideal when you are cooking as it improves the preparation process.
Create the right mood with lights

Design lighting with your kitchen in mind

A common mistake that people make when choosing to light is they opt for the most popular choice. This can be highly off-putting if a certain light fitting does not gel with the look and feel of your kitchen.

Work with the appearance of your kitchen and choose structures and light fittings that will enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Sometimes your personal lighting preference is never the best option so consider what’s best for your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Popular choice

Popular choice
Only a few light fitting favorites will work for your kitchen, especially if your subscribe to one specific aesthetic. Among popular lighting choices, choose the one that will work today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. After all, if you’re going to spend money on your kitchen, you might as well spend wisely.

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