Tips for Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpet

Tips for Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpet

Owning a pet such as a dog or cat means that you will eventually find yourself cleaning pet urine from carpet. There are tons of products on store shelves that can be used to clean up your pet’s accident but there are also home remedies that you can try before buying the commercial cleaners.

Besides removing a pet’s urine, you will also have to try removing pet odor from carpet and that can be even harder than your attempts to remove pet stains from carpet. No matter what the problem is you can try these remedies to see which one will work for you. The first step to cleaning pet urine from the carpet is to get some paper towels or a clean cloth and use them to dab the urine stains.

You want the cloth or towels to absorb all of the excess urine before you move on to the step. Dab the area, never scrub or rub the spots. make a mixture of a dish liquitd and some water. Apply this liquid cleaner to the stain and let it stand up to 10 minutes.

Using a new piece of cloth, you will then daub the stain before rinsing the spot with a bowl of clean water. This will remove any leftover residue. Use a fan for quick carpet drying or let it air dry.  if you need professional help carpet cleaning Brisbane will help you.

Another step to removing pet odor from carpet is to add a bit of baking soda over the mess. Allow the baking soda to settle in for 20 minute and then run a vacuum over the wet spot. You can find a lot of powders available in the stores for carpet odors but this solution is quick, easy, safe and cheap.

Another step to removing pet odor

If you decide to get a store bought cleaner for you carpet stains or odors, always remember to read directions on the packaging. You want a pet safe solution. Test a small bit of the product on a small area of the rug that is out of the way of prying eyes. You need to be positive that the chemicals not going to  damage your carpet.

If your luck runs out and you only discover your pets accident long after it has dried into the carpet, both the stain and smell may be with you until you replace that section or the entire carpet itself. You can attempt to clean the carpet and if the smell is still around, you may have to clean the subfloor that is below the carpet.

A solution of water and dish soap can be used as the cleaning solution. Although some pet owners decide on bleach cleaners, this step is not necessary. If you can find no other alternative you can feel free to test this cleaning solution for yourself.

Mix the pure bleach with water to make the cleaner and never apply the bleach under the bottom of your carpets. It can stain straight through to the top side of the carpet. After you have tried the solutions mentioned, your pet stains and odor and you can replace the carpets.

If you have failed to remove the stench or spots, a new carpet may be needed. You can also try a carpet cleaning professional if you really want to save the carpet. They can be expensive so you may have to weigh the options before deciding to choose one or the other. If your pets have a lot of accidents, a new type of floor material may be necessary. If not you will have a carpet that is constantly stained or bad-smelling.

A long-lasting and durable flooring material can be laminate or vinyl. They can be easily cleaned and they are hard to stain.

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