Office Signs 101: How to Make Lasting First Impression For Office Lobby Signs


Office Lobby Signs

With all the business establishment or even residential building lobbies that you have ever visited, how many of them left a mark on you?

If your workplace has a lobby or anything of that sort, it needs signage. It is the very first thing that your clients are going to notice when they enter your building. And we cannot stress how important it is to make a good first impression. 

When they don’t know much about your company, product, or service yet, the lobby sign is the one that will let them know what you offer without actually doing the talking. This is crucial because this simple signage can either make or break the deal, even when you haven’t spoken with them yet. The lobby sign you place in yours is not just a sign. Your clients are making a perception of you and your entire company while they sit and wait for you in the lobby using those. Hence, you better hang a sign that’s a good one. 

If you’re looking for a blog post that tackles everything about lobby signs, you’re in for a ride. Enjoy reading!

First Impressions Last

First Impressions Last

We all know how challenging or impossible it is to change a person’s first impression of something. It is so strong, and it surely does last. That is the reason why your business building needs to leave a good one. If yours has a seating area, reception, or lobby, you need to ensure that yours is outstanding, clean, and professional looking. This is one of the most important parts of an office that needs branding. That means that a massive sign with your logo has to be placed somewhere in the center of the wall, using a similar color palette for all the office details–furniture, wall paint, and wall art decors–to achieve a certain style.

Your office lobby should scream and carry one message, and when people recall it, they should remember your brand alongside that message. You have the liberty to decide how you should style your hall. You can try a simple and minimalistic approach, colorful and creative, or whatever goes along with your brand. Regardless of your building’s interior design, the signage that you put in your lobby should be the main focus. Achieve your desired business signage with various companies such as ShieldCoArt and others if you have something in mind that you want to turn into reality. 

What Things Should You Consider About Lobby Signs?

You can use a lot of things for a lobby sign. Some of these include an arrow pointing to your office, a ‘reception’ word sign, or you can also opt for a simple mini office map on the wall. All of these are convenient and good to use. However, we’re talking about something more, something bolder. If you have a company tagline or services that you want to include, like “engineering services or “orthodontics,” you can include them in a 3D lobby sign below the company logo. 

Various materials can make your very own logo sign beautiful, whether it’s in 3D or 2D. Your office lobby wouldn’t be complete without it as it would fill a huge space in the walls. And believe us when we say that your clients, as well as your prospects, will be looking for one when they come to visit your place. Make it a personal goal to let your clients know who you are and where they are. Here are some of the materials that you can choose from when designing and making your lobby sign. 

Lobby Signage Materials to Choose From

Lobby Signage Materials to Choose From

There are numerous options in this department–brass, acrylic, or even glass–and each can make up your office space’s vibe. Whatever the material, the outcome of the lobby sign should make your building look sleek and professional, nothing less. 

Metal – everyone knows that this is one of the most popular materials for any type of signs. You can typically see this in banks and law offices since this material exudes reliability and professionalism. Because of its material properties, they can be placed both indoors and outdoors. In this type of signs, most of them are laser cut. This is the best way to promote your logo and business to your clients. 

Acrylic – if you’re into elegance and class but do not want to spend a lot on your sign, acrylic is your best bet. It’s affordable compared to glass but provides the same amount of sophistication. It’s also notable that this type of material is lighter than glass and less delicate and fragile. Hence, you will not have a hard time maintaining them. 

PVC – PVC plastic is known for its durability and affordability. This is another popular choice for either outdoor or indoor signs. Signs made out of PVC plastic are light and perfect for coloring. Plus, they are not so hard to maintain. You can achieve anything you desire in your signs with this type of material–color, size, and shape. 

Foam – for those who are not familiar with foam, yes, it is also one option. What’s better is that it’s an excellent one because you have the liberty to create any shape that you want using this. Like PVC, it is also a good option if you’re considering the idea of coloring your signs. If you want a glossy and elegant finish, you can cover it with an acrylic layer. Foam is the ultimate budget-friendly material, so you can easily put signs in your lobby and your conference rooms, office, comfort rooms, basically any part of the building for the price of one sign made out of another material. 

Wood – wood is a bit rare when it comes to signages. However, they are a great option that exudes wisdom, tradition, and durability. It’s one of those natural materials that can be easily combined with any other material–acrylic, metal, anything–to achieve a new and innovative effect.

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