High Energy Bills? Regulate These 9 Appliances Using the Most Energy

Are you struggling to keep your energy bills under control? Instead of trying to cut-back energy consumption from every area of your home, it’s better to focus your attention on certain electricity-drawing appliances. These household appliances tend to consume a considerable amount of electricity, more than the rest. But just because these appliances are essential, doesn’t mean you can’t regulate their energy consumption. 

If you’re looking for ways to lower your energy bills, here are the appliances that you should target. 

1. Heater

Is yourheater always set at a high temperature? Try to adjust the temperature according to your requirements and seasonal weather changes. Just by lowering the temperature by a few degrees, you can enjoy major energy savings. Also, replace leaking faucets and showerheads with low-flow versions to further conserve hot water.

2. Refrigerator


Your refrigerator is a kitchen appliance that usually consumes electricity all day, throughout the year. To save energy, start by placing your refrigerator in a cool area, away from direct sunlight. In addition to this, regular servicing is essential to keep your refrigerator working efficiently. Defrost the freezer, clean the radiator and repair the door seals to ensure it doesn’t consume more energy than required.

3. Heating

Heavily relying on your heating unit to warm up your house on colder months is driving up your energy bills. But isn’t heating a necessity? Yes, it is, but there are other ways to stay warm without paying a shockingly high electricity bill. Firstly, dress smartly indoors. Instead of wearing just a t-shirt, wear a few warm layers to reduce dependence on heating. Open up your windows to let in sunlight and naturally warm up your house.

4. Cooling

Similar to heating, cooling makes up a significant portion of your electricity bills. From cleaning air filters to repairing ductwork leaks, routinely service your HVAC system to keep it working efficiently. Another important aspect of lowering cooling needs is preventing energy loss by improving insulation. Seal windows, doors and crawlspaces to retain cooling. 

5. Washer & Dryer

You probably use your washer and dryer at least a few times a week. To reduce its energy usage, start doing laundry only when you have a full load and try washing clothes with cold water. Other than this, line-dry clothes instead of running the dryer. 

6. Dishwasher


Just like the washer, avoid running the dishwasher for a couple of dishes. If you have a few dirty dishes, wash them by hand. Also, most modern dishwashers don’t need you to rinse the dishes before loading them up. So skip that step to save time and hot water. 

7. Television

Your television is a common vampire appliance that continues to consume energy despite being turned off. To prevent energy loss, unplug it after use or install a power strip to automate the job.

8. Lights

Lights are indispensable for every household. In addition to turning off light when not in use, you can increase your savings by replacing energy-wasting lights with efficient lights. LED lights are the most energy-efficient option that also promises longevity. 

9. Oven


Gone are the days when it was necessary to preheat the oven for a long time. A lot of dishes don’t really require a preheated oven. Make sure you read the recipe carefully and avoid preheating as much as you can. Also, defrost frozen food before putting it in the oven to minimise energy usage.

The Bottom Line

Being careful about your everyday energy usage is one of the easiest ways to keep your electricity bills in check. If your bills continue to rise despite reduced consumption, it would be best to compare electricity prices from various providers and switch to an affordable plan.

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