Tips For Adding More Color to Your Office Space

There are a lot of office spaces or home offices furnished and decorated in neutral colors. They are classy and timeless but they can be a little bit boring if you’re the type of person who prefers to be surrounded by color. Not only that but colors can actually improve your work environment, making you more productive and focused. Some colors can be overly stimulating so it is important to choose the right color scheme and accent colors. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Pop Of Color

You don’t have to change everything around the office to make it more colorful, a few pieces and decorations are more than enough.
Pop Of Color

Colorful chair

Bright colors stimulate the mind and are perfect for a creative environment, however, it is important to use them as accents and not as the main color scheme since they can be overly stimulating and distracting. An easy way to use bright colors in office design is to opt for a colorful office chair.

Colorful Rug

A colorful rug is also a great idea since it can add a pop of color in the office without being distracting. Also, statement rugs are probably the easiest way to change the aspect of a room.

Colorful Pillows

If you have a couch or armchairs in your office, you can decorate them with colorful pillows to add a nice accent color in the room.


If you don’t want to paint the walls, you can always opt for wallpaper. There are plenty of great options to choose from, however, make sure you opt for colors that promote concentration and relaxation. Blue and green are such colors. Yellow and orange are great for boosting creativity but only if they are used for accents.

Colorful Curtains

For curtains, it is best to opt for light for neutral or calming colors such as green and blue if you opt for solid colors or for neutral and light colors with bold color accents if you opt for prints.

Colorful Design Styles

When you want to redecorate the office completely, it is best to choose colorful styles and themes from the get-go since it’s easier to choose furniture and decorative pieces this way.
Colorful Design Styles


Bohemian style is great for creative office environments since it features many vibrant colors and rich patterns. Bohemian interiors usually feature red or purple tones and many textile layers to create a warm ambiance. When furnishing the office, look for furniture with tribal design or Moroccan pieces and choose wood and textile decorations in deep red or purple tones.


If you prefer a classier theme, nautical décor can be a great option for your office. It’s classy and polished but still relaxed and cozy. For inspiration, look at interior design ideas for beach houses and try to recreate the vibe. As a general rule, nautical design has a white or sand color foundation and navy blue as the main accent color. Wood and linen upholstery are predominant in furniture. For decorations, think about anything beach mementos – clear jars filled with seashells, sailboats, maps, ropes, and so on.

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