How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Most people know that replacing a mattress is a necessity, but the biggest question that gets debated is how regularly this switchover should occur.
To clear up confusion, here is a quick look at what the experts say about planning out your mattress replacement strategy.

Rough guidelines

While some might make arguments to the contrary, there are no hard and fast rules about the regularity of replacing a mattress.

The most commonly quoted lifespan of a mattress is eight years, although this is a little misleading because some products will last much longer while others will need swapping far sooner.
Rough guidelines

If you are worried about the cost, this affordable mattress guide will let you work out how to save cash when the time comes to buy a replacement.

Heeding the signals

As you cannot stick to a generic timetable for buying a new mattress, instead it is better to keep an eye out on the signs that your current mattress is coming to the end of its usable life.

For a sprung mattress, sagging sections, squeaking and unsightly unevenness will all show that it is getting a little long in the tooth.

You can also tell that a mattress is giving up the ghost if you are no longer getting a good night’s sleep, or if you are waking up with stiffness in your muscles that is not usually present.

In all of these instances, switching to a new mattress will not only improve the quality of your sleep but also deliver health benefits of other kinds, as studies have shown.

Prolonging mattress life

If you are eager to hold onto your mattress for longer without making sacrifices in terms of your comfort and sleep quality, there are a few steps you can take to boost its longevity without breaking the bank.

Flipping a mattress, which literally means turning it over so that you are applying weight to the other side, is a good start. Do this once a year and you should spread the wear and tear more evenly across it over time.

Adding a mattress protector beneath your sheets is another sensible option, even if you do not think you need one. It will mean that if any accidental spills do occur, they will not leave unsightly stains or create corrosion on the underlying structure.
Prolonging mattress life
Making sure your mattress is properly supported is another great move. Check your bed frame regularly to keep the slats evenly spaced, if present, for example.

If you have kids, preventing them from bouncing about on the bed will be your best bet for keeping a mattress in good condition for longer, even if this is a challenge in its own right.

Taking action

Even the best mattresses will only stay in a usable condition for a limited time and it is definitely a false economy to cling onto an ageing product just to save a bit of money.

The importance of sleep is well known and if you plan for mattress replacements well in advance, you will not be caught off guard when this becomes essential.

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